22 Top Email Marketing Tools of 2017 [Infographic]

Digital Marketing is indeed one of the best marketing strategies out there. No doubt in that. Among the digital marketing technique that exists email marketing is gaining so much importance and the reason being its flexibility, effectiveness as well as the amount of creativity that can be incorporated into it.

There is a widespread misconception that email marketing is just about creating an attractive email and sending it to many through an automated software. That’s all in the past. Now the tools used for email marketing has become so much sophisticated and guarantees excellent results.

An astounding feature of this new age tools is that they have the ability to predict the outcome of an email or even a social media marketing campaign.

However, those who are planning to get into email marketing might be baffled by an obvious question.  “What are the effective tools that are put to use in email marketing?”

Don’t Worry! Have a sneak peek at the infographic illustrating the top marketing tools that are being used by digital marketing experts at present.


5 Innovative Email Marketing Strategies for Startups

Did you know that email marketing has the highest return on marketing investment? This primary source of lead generation gives an average return of 38$ on every 1$ spent! Marketers world over are going bullish on this direct marketing channel as there is no dependency on social media platforms or search engines here. The frequent changes in search engine algorithms and social media rules can make any regular marketer dizzy and hence they are turning to low cost email marketing services for small businesses.

We have 5 innovative email marketing solutions for startups to kick-start their effort:

  1. Integrate Email Marketing with Content Marketing

There is a high probability of your mail ending up in the spam folder if it is irrelevant to the recipient. Nobody wants a hard sell pitch in their inbox. Mails will not be read unless they are relevant to the audience and this is the reason why content marketing extends to include mails. According to Mailigen, emails that are relevant to the recipient drive 18 times more revenue than general broadcast email.


It is important to first build a relationship with potential customers by sending them what they want to read about. Your mails should be information that the reader looks forward to receive. This can only be achieved with providing quality content that is relevant to the reader.

2. How to build Mailing List

Email marketing is great for sales conversion. But how do you build your mailing list? Apart from gathering email IDs of existing customers and followers on social media, you can collect data of visitors to your site. You can also offer a free newsletter or information guide in lieu of email ID. You can also exchange data with businesses that are relevant to your industry but not a competition.

Always build a database of people who are actually interested in your product/service and information. Email list segmentation increases click-through rates by 5 percent. Buying random lists will only increase your cost with no return on investments.

3. Get Smart with Smartphones

The power of smartphones cannot be overstated.75% of the Gmail’s 1 billion users access mails on mobile handset. HubSpot reports that 69% of mobile users delete emails that aren’t optimized for mobile. It is therefore important to optimize your mails to mobile and also explore ways to take advantage of this. For example, many marketers include a link to their app on app stores in their mails.

4. Exciting Email Campaigns

There are many campaigns that can be strategically planned to keep your readers looking forward to your mail. Surveys and quizzes are a great way to engage your readers. Not only will this give you an insight into your audience, your readers will also look forward to the results of survey they were a part of.

Referral campaigns are another way to take advantage of your existing mailing list. Samples, freebies and discounts can be given on your product/service for referring a friend.

5. Personalize and Customize

Email marketing is the best suited channel for personalized marketing. Use all the marketing automation software available to give your readers a personalized experience. Many brands address to reader’s first name in mails and this instantly builds connection. Keep your mails interactive and ask for feedback often. It is important to grow everyday and avoid getting boring and stale in your mails.

Compared to Pay-Per-Click, and social media advertising,  you need only little investment for starting email marketing campaigns. When you implement it in the right way you can get high returns and  thereby more conversions in the long run.



7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in India

Today, it’s a known fact that much of the business is via online marketing. Unfortunately many of the businesses are still not using the full potential of digital marketing. Since the ways of marketing are constantly changing, you may find it difficult to keep up with the latest trends.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in India can make a difference to your business strategy. Their inbound marketing strategies will help your business reach incredible heights.

Here are some reasons to hire a Digital Marketing Agency in India.

  1. Marketing Expertise

Since a Digital Marketing Agency has a vast expertise on dealing with various businesses they will guide you to follow the best practices for online marketing. A team of professionals is there to help you with social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization, e-mail marketing, content marketing, App Store Optimization, web designing etc.

Hiring in- house marketers will not give you targeted results as they don’t have as much knowledge a digital marketing agency does.

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  1. Consistency

Consistency is a notable quality of digital marketing agencies. As they strive 24/7 accomplishing online marketing campaigns their focus will be on fulfilling the client’s requirements. Since in – house marketers do not get enough time to handle all the campaigns as a digital marketing agency does, the latter is many times more effective than the former.

As a digital marketing agency, we, Jointviews have an exact track record of things we deliver. Our team work passionately to consistently deliver value across digital properties of our clients.

We believe in quality and make sure to include all the essential aspects to give an incredible digital experience for our clients.

  1. Strategy – Matching Latest Market Trends

If you are an entrepreneur, sometimes you get puzzled thinking what works best in digital marketing business. Don’t worry; digital marketing agencies are there to help you. They know what best strategy to apply to your business matching current market trends. This is because they have a wide experience of dealing with clients doing different businesses.

  1. Some aspects on tools and technologies

A lot of tools are available to increase productivity and efficiency. It’s not possible for you to afford these expensive tools if you run a small or medium sized business.

Since marketing agencies are equipped with these amazing tools, you will get the targeted output.

Like any other Digital Marketing Agency in India, Jointviews also use some brilliant tools and technologies. Some of the tools we use are Aweber, LeadConnectio and also many other useful analytical CRM software. In addition to these adapted tools we have an efficient team in charge of developing new tools to give better results for our clients.

  1. Search Engine Optimization for Better Results

If your brand doesn’t have a strong online presence better forget online marketing. You have to optimize your website for better search results in all major search engines. It’s common that people depend on search engines for all their queries.

A digital marketing agency can help you to make sure your website stays ahead among your competitors in search results. They adopt several Search Engine Optimization techniques to give your site a better visibility.

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  1. Proficiency in community building

Unless you have a fixed plan and know how to attract customers, you can never increase your brand’s popularity. You cannot build the community you focus by simply posting online. This is where digital marketing agency can help you by building micro communities.

For instance, at Jointviews we manage many content communities, brand based communities, etc. to help your brand succeed. We always try to promote content to a larger audience and then build communities; this may help small businesses which don’t have enough money to invest.

  1. Technical Support

Hiring a digital marketing agency can offer you technical assistance as well. Many of these agencies keep skilled web development experts in their team. As you have direct access to these experts, they will take care of your website related issues.

We hope all these 7 reasons will give you an idea about hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in India. Keep in mind all these aspects, we wish you good luck!

Email Marketing: Still Far from Over


The status of email marketing is a popular topic for debate in every Digital Marketing Agency. Is it dead or alive as of now? Well, email marketing is something that will never ever leave its place in the world of digital marketing. Its importance and presence can never be ignored. Email marketing is not dead, definitely not, and neither will it die anytime in the near future.

A simple statistic will prove the importance of emails in our everyday lives: Over 200 million emails are sent out in a single minute every day. So, you see how heavily email is used as a communication platform for brands, marketers, and even consumers.

There are even more numbers to prove this fact. Over 72% of the adults in USA have stated that they prefer the companies to communicate with them through email rather than any other platform. 91% said they would love to receive promotional emails from the companies that they do business with. As far as the companies are concerned, 72% of them have said that they use email marketing as an integral part of their business and marketing efforts. 25% of the companies consider email as the top most priority and channel for an advantageous return on investment.

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If you are still not convinced and doubtful about the existence of email marketing, here you have three major reasons why email marketing is not going anywhere. Go through them and decide for yourself.

  1. The advantages of social marketing

Social media has a lot of fancy and exciting options to it. This is why there are several rumours that it is slowly killing email marketing which is more of old school. Well, even though social marketing may seem to be more effective in certain case, this one marketing medium is not able to do anything alone by its own. This is one point you need to keep in mind. Vanity metrics and other hollow impressions usually give the marketers a sense of false satisfaction about social marketing. There are simply distracting you.

There are a number of marketers who try their best to gather attention through slightly spammy tactics on social media like filling out Twitter feeds with automated tweets all round the clock, blasting their pages on Facebook with completely irrelevant posts and updates, sending direct messages that are nothing but automated, and also using a huge number of cat memes and circulating them. They do not understand how annoying these techniques can be. Spamming only reduces your followers. They tempt the users to click the unfollow button, and you do more harm than good.

Email marketing, on the other hand, provides useful and relevant content to the audience. This audience consists of people who have willingly subscribed to receive newsletters and other informative emails and would love to learn more. As per data collected in 2012, nearly 90 percent of the internet users have an email account while a smaller number of just 70 percent have an account on any of the social media networking websites. This proves that email is still reigning as the top most form of communication. If you want to reach a majority of the audience and increase your reach, then email is definitely what you need as it is the most effective method in this case.

  1. It is evolving at a higher rate

With emails, brands could get the power to drive customer engagement by monitoring, testing, measuring, and tweaking the emails sent out as newsletters or targeted offerings. The whole game of email marketing has now changed and evolved to a greater extent. Slowly, it is ceasing to be a medium purely for communication purposes to a complete platform that could help the different brands deliver their experiences across various channels.

Here are some of the key email trends that have been explored by Liga Bizune in a recent article that illustrate how emails are slowly evolving to become more than just a channel for communication:

  • Wearable technologies are evolving. This will slowly change the way brands communicate with the email subscribers.
  • A new technique of email marketing will surface, which will be hyper-targeted and also location based. The credits for this goes to the integration of proximity and geo-location applications into emails.
  • Behavioural email marketing will start to get driven by predictive analysis.
  • As emails are transitioning to mobiles, it has become more necessary than ever to develop better and more creative content. This is the only way to capture the attention of the audience and keep them hooked on.
  • Videos have started to evolve and find their own place in the world of marketing. They will start playing an even bigger role in email marketing. A bigger emphasis needs to be put into this aspect.

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  1. Correct execution makes it most effective

Emails need to be used properly and effectively to make it more than just a passé. The biggest challenge you face in case of newsletters is that only a small part of the subscribers actually care to open and read the email newsletters you send out to them. This does not, in any way, imply that email is dead or dying. It just points to the fact that your newsletters are not able to make the mark among the audience. They either fail to create the interest in them or your calls to action are not effective enough. Ask yourself a few questions to get your answers:

  • How is the tone of your content? Is it purely promotional and impersonal, or is it helpful and friendly?
  • Are you making an effective and meaningful one on one engagement through your content?
  • Are you striking up a conversation with the reader, or are you just talking at them to get your job done?

These questions will help you understand where you are going wrong. Understand the effectiveness of email marketing to be able to use it in the best way possible.

One thing you need to remember is that email marketing is not going anywhere. Each and every Digital Marketing Agency makes sure to emphasise this point. If you even believe that emails are dying and there is no point in marketing via emails, you will surely start missing out on the wide range of opportunities that this platform has got to offer you. Do not make this mistake, and keep your place in the digital world.

14 Smart Tips to Get Your Email Subscriber’s Attention


Email marketing is always an effective strategy to reach out to people. It is also one of the least expensive ways to ensure that you get your word spread out among prospective clients. Every Digital Marketing Agency you approach will surely bring out this one aspect out to you.

Even though email marketing works great, people keep getting promotional emails all through the day. Very few people bother to actually open emails and read their content. It is very likely that your email could get lost in this clutter and remain ignored. As such, it is a marketer’s job to ensure that your email is actually opened and read. You need to increase your chances of being noticed among the crowd. This does take some effort, but is worth it for sure.

Here are a few tips to help you get your emails opened and read:

  1. Make A Targeted List Of Recipients

Make a list of targeted receivers. This is very important if your expertise covers various areas. You need to create content that is specific for a group of people with similar interests. This way, your email would match their interests and increase your chances of getting noted. Your content will be able to speak directly to the audience’s interests and will make the mark. Also, it is necessary to have a list that is clean, and consists of only people who have opted to receive your emails.

  1. Set Up Specific Expectations

Each time a subscriber signs in to receive your e-newsletters or such emails, or subscribes to you, do send them an auto-response email to let them know what to expect from you. Give them a detailed idea about the kind of emails and also the frequency of emails you will be sending out. This lets your subscribers know what to expect from you in due course.

  1. Show That You Are Real

This point should reflect in your content first of all. The content in your email should be real and accurate. No fake promises or messages should be promoted. This is also applicable to your email address. Use a real name instead of generics like info@abc.com and such ids for the address that you use as a “reply to”.

  1. Keep A Catchy Subject Line

Your subject line needs to be a well researched one. Spend enough time to sit and think about what you would put as a subject for your email. This must be something that actually provokes your recipient to open your email and check its contents. It needs to be really enticing.

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  1. A Good Pre-header

A number of e-newsletters and emails have pre-headers that instruct the reader to open the email in a web browser in case the viewer is not able to see it properly in the mail. This is actually not a good way to proceed. You need to use this option to give the user a really compelling reason to go on and read the email completely.

  1. Call to Action

A Call to Action or CTA is necessary in every email. This lets the user get to know what you actually expect them to do. A common mistake is to let this portion go towards the end of the email. Instead, place this somewhere near the top of the email. This will help the readers notice it soon \enough rather than giving them pains to scroll through the entire email to get it.

  1. Give them Control

You need to allow the subscribers to opt out easily if they want to. There is no point in marketing to people who have no intention to do business with you. It is better to let them opt out and not disturb them with your emails again.

  1. Personal Message

Make your email personal by greeting your readers using their name. You could also use their first names in the subject line. According to market studies, it has been found that the by using personalized emails you could increase the chances of getting your email opened by around 14%.

  1. Share

It is a good idea to add some sharing features to your emails. You could make use of social sharing options to allow your readers to share the email to their family and friends. This could highly increase your chances of being opened and help you get a much wider audience. According to researches, it has been found that emails that have social sharing buttons have a 115% higher click through rate as compared to other emails that do not implement the feature.

  1. Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is an essential part of every digital marketing strategy these days. With increased use of smartphones and tablets, this is one aspect that you can never overlook. Around 40% of all emails are now opened using these devices. This number just keeps growing all the time. As such, you need to have your email optimised for mobile devices so that your viewers are able to view it properly on any device. You can also use email services to do this for you. Such services also give you detailed statistics about how many of your emails are opened on mobile devices.

  1. Analyze and Monitor

You need to analyze and monitor the behaviour of your email recipients. This will help you understand what content they prefer, when they prefer, and other such minute details. This will help you build better strategies and succeed in your ventures based on these statistics.

  1. Update your Subscriber list Periodically

You need to keep this one point in mind. “Keep only those subscribers who open your emails”. This is an overlooked point that usually no one cares about. One sure thing is that every person is not going to open your email. The smaller the list, the higher will be the open rate you can achieve. Just keep those people in your list who are interested in receiving your emails and reading them. There is no point in keeping others there. You need detailed statistics to know how many of your emails are being opened and by whom. Once you have this ready, you can direct your emails to specific targets.

Based on the emails opened over the course of a few months, you need to edit your lists and update them. If there are subscribers who have had no interaction with you over a few months, there is no logic in emailing them all the time.

Before you cut them down, you could send them a small notification as to you are deleting their subscription or so. Another thing you could do is ask them if they are interested in receiving your emails. If you get a response, keep them in. If there is no response, you could surely delete them from the list. This is a subtle way of letting them know.

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  1. Encourage Email Classification

You need to ensure that your recipients receive your emails bypassing any of the possible filters. This is a way to make sure that they open all your emails. You could send them detailed instructions to prevent the emails from going in to the spam folder or promotions tab. They need to follow the instructions to prevent it with the email provider. You could ask them to add you to their contacts, or even better, to their favourites.

  1. Reward them for reading

Give your readers some kind of rewards for reading your emails. You could share a useful tip to make them benefit or try something simple like that. This inspires them and makes them feel better.

These simple and easy techniques will surely help you go a long way in getting your emails noted and opened by your recipients. Every Digital Marketing Agency is sure to suggest you the above. Email marketing is one with great scope. If you use it smartly, you can get lots of benefits out of it.

Why Is Segmentation Important In Email Marketing?


When we talk about email marketing, the success of your effort is mainly affected by the nature of your email segmentation. By knowing how to segment your email audience properly, you can create more effective email campaigns for enterprise level marketing and can achieve your goal efficiently.

When we discuss the significance of this type of email list separation, you must know exactly why segmentation is important in email marketing? It’s quite simple:

  • All Your Customers are Not the Same. Generally businesses serve more than one type of clients. Even if you deal with only single product or service, there are various types of clients that should be treated independently, with a specific end goal to get their attention in the most effective way.
  • You’ll Create Your Fame. It could be excessive, but here it’s one more of a chance: If you send focused, significant emails with luring content to your potential client base, you will come to be more fascinating and captivating to your customers. This will result in finding increased number of subscribers.

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  • You Need More and More Leads. The more you speak to your different customers about the value of your services, the probability of them purchasing from you is also higher. If you furnish content that speaks and relates to your clients, you will develop a bond with them. This bond creates an interest your emails, and they will come to see it! What’s more, with such a relationship, you will be the main priority when they want to buy a product.

Once you have segmented your lists, no matter to what extent, it’s vital to keep the categories up-to-date. Segmenting your lists can be tedious. This can be helpful when you have both prospects and buyers on the list. When someone becomes a customer, they can easily be moved from one segment to another without any kind of subscription process.

So, it’s necessary as it helps you to comply with applicable laws and send the right messages to your contacts. And you can expect immediate positive responses from your customers once you’ve gone through the process.

10 E-mail Marketing Hacks That Every Marketer Should Know

E-mail marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing campaigns these days. But most of their process lacks proper structure. So, they fail to achieve expected success with their campaigns. With 81 new mails reaching inboxes at an average, 84% of them being spam, you need something to make your mails stand out.

Before you can access your click-through rates, revenue generation or any other business growth metrics, your prospects need to open your e-mails. For this, your mails need to be special, the kind that generates curiosity in the reader’s mind. Here are some ways digital marketing companies can improve those e-mails and get great customer response and better revenue generation.

1. Create a Short, Intriguing Subject Line

The difference between your e-mails being opened or reaching the trash is the awesomeness of your subject line. Avoid those dumb, boring clichés and go for something that can generate curiosity, subconsciously forcing the reader to want to know more. Try to keep them as short as possible for better open rates, but not too short that the reader doesn’t understand what it is.

Don’t say more, but just enough to invoke curiosity. So are your subject lines really good to get you those valuable open rates?

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2. Make the message a personal one

Adding a personal touch to your e-mails can take you a long way. Using your client’s, company’s or the industry’s name in your subject line is good method of creating response. A person’s awareness heightens when hearing his/her name, which makes them feel unique and special. This will help your mails standout and that is good for business.

3. Resend E-mails

The client’s inbox may have thousands of mails and yours can easily be overlooked. So feel free to resend relevant content to those clients in case they have missed the first one. This second chance is often appreciated by the clients and you can drastically improve your overall open rate.

4. Being Provocative Can Help

Tests by A/B and Promise Media have found that subject lines with a little personality and flavour can help you get the attention that you desire from your mails. This includes controversy and humour, which are far better than most ordinary topics. But remember there is a fine line between being provocative and being offensive, so choose wisely.

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5. Know What Your Audience Wants

Create emails in a way that the readers want it. According to Science of Emails 2014 64% of the readers preferred HTML based emails rather that plain text. Studying more about the audiences you want to focus on will help you a lot. It was found that 63% of the people between age group of 18-29 use automatic email filters in their inboxes. So, choose your candidates accordingly.

6. Timing is of Utmost Importance

When to send an email is as important as to whom you send the email. People go through mails during business hours and commuting hours rather than over lunch or dinner time. Moreover be aware of the time zones and cultural tendencies in relation to time.

7. Use Active Verbs

Strong verbs can help convey action, excitement, and intrigue. Using active verbs in subject lines and if possible throughout email copy can excite your readers and engage their interest.

8. Use a Proofreader

You might think that your emails are perfect, but there is no harm in hiring an extra pair of eyes. This has proved to be an asset more often than not and makes your emails as perfect and error free as possible.

9. Emails Coordinated With Buyer-facing Messaging

Consistency in the experience across all your platforms is essential for getting satisfactory customers. This can be the message that you are trying to deliver through all your blogs, tweets, posts, emails, offers or sales calls.

10. Go Past Open and Click Rates

The executive team may not care about opens or clicks. For them revenue is what is important. Find ways to connect your email marketing campaigns with leads transferred to sales to deals closed and revenue earned. This can be good for both your company and your career.

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10 Best E-Mail Subject Line Formulae to Rock Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

As a retailer, e-mail campaigns will be one of your most important tools in marketing. They are a great way to generate leads. But for this to happen, your e-mails should be read. For the e-mail to be read, it needs to be opened.

More often than not, people do not even bother to open or click-through your e-mails. There are even instances of unsubscribing and complaining as spam.

So, the very first step for your e-mail marketing campaigns to be a success would be to get people to open your e-mails. With everyone’s inbox flooded with tons of e-mails every day, there is so much to go through, let alone open. So, amid coupons, newsletters, daily deal sites, password resets, social media notifications and more such stuff, how do you make your e-mail stand out?

The key here is your subject line. Yes! Unless you have a rocking subject line, you cannot expect the reader to take that extra step and open your e-mail. Here is a list of best e-mail subject line tactics that will help you rock your e-mail campaign.

  1. Simple Is The Word: Time is always an asset in online world. So, no-nonsense, simple subject lines that are easier to comprehend are always a better option than cheesy lures. Simple, direct subject line that makes the offer clear is bound to hit the right note. Every e-mail has a specific purpose, so should the subject line.
  2. Subject Lines with Lists and Numbers: Readers love lists as shorter summaries are easier to process and understand. As our brains are naturally drawn to numbers, subject lines with numbers are sure to draw attention.
  3. Personalized Subject Lines:  Using personalization elements almost certainly grabs attention, and makes your e-mails more relevant. However, do not misunderstand personalization for incorporating the users’ name in the subject line. Most of them deem it as spam and it goes right into their junk box. Rather, try giving location specific offers or deals relevant to the customer.
  4. Usage of Punctuation Marks & Other Symbols: One of the hottest trends is usage of punctuation and symbols. Fun symbols and loud punctuations are a quick way to catch the eye, but that is not sufficient. You subject line still needs to convey a message.
  5. Mysterious Subject Lines: Mystery always intrigues. Give readers a chance to dig into a little mystery. For example, subject lines like “Time Is Running Out” or “It’s All Over..” is sure to give them a reason to open the e-mail.
  6. Funny Subject Lines: It might sound funny, but being on the lighter side certainly has its advantages. It’s difficult to be funny in marketing. But such subject lines can really stick out among the otherwise dull and dry e-mails. The cleverness of the subject line might be lost on some users. So, don’t try this unless you know your target audience and their wavelength.
  7. Urgency in Subject Lines: Creating urgency is a time tested method to build anxiety and hype.  Users respond better to the threat of losing than to the prospect of gaining. It can work pretty well when it is used creatively. Example: “Last chance to save today” or “Hurry! Offer ends today” might get you the desired response.
  8. Command: Some people just do not respond to indirect marketing. Subject line that has a command and tells the user what it is all about or what needs to be done, can strike the right note. Such commanding subject lines always start with a verb that demands action.
  9. Teasers: A teaser subject line can be very intriguing. An engaging story like beginning with a teaser of an implied promise can get you an open rate you always wanted. Your subject line should instruct as well as entertain.
  10.  Statistical: Hard hitting, statistical number in your subject line is sure to get you higher open rates. Statistic in the subject line indicating client success stories or your sales numbers will certainly grab the attention.

9 Authentic Email Campaigns to Boost Your Sales

“So long as new ideas are created, sales will continue to reach new highs”-Dorothea Brande

E-mail marketing is the foremost effective e-commerce marketing channel. There are only a few without an e-mail id of their own. Conquer success with the most effective methods.

Here are the 9 successful e-mail marketing campaigns you cannot ignore, if you want to boost your product sales;

1. Keep talking about the product you already sold to receive useful feedback or motivate them to buy related products through email

How to do it?

1. Set up Automated Personalized E-mail
2. Schedule it to 2 days of product delivery
3. Ask for reviews and rewards with discounts


• 12.5% in conversion in products with review than those without
• 83.85% increase in conversion on products with 20+ reviews

2. Use A/B testings to optimize open and click through rates

How to do it?

Preform A/B test in one of these

1. Subject Line
2. “FROM” field
3. E-mail content
4. Delivery time


Obama’s team found out that one subject line outperformed the other by generating more than 84% of donation

3. Soften those deals that were Just Abandoned

The number of abandoned carts is huge in the e-commerce industry. There might be various reasons for this. Identifying them is vital in improving customer experience, which in turn can improve the conversion rate.

How to do it?

1. Set up Cart Abandoned emails
2. Ask customers why they didn’t complete their transaction


The average order value of purchase from carts abandoned emails is 19% higher than typical purchases.

4. Reward your Most Loyal Customers

Segment your customers by loyalty and campaigns that are relevant to their level of activeness. Reward emails must be dedicated to those who spend 25% above average order value.
Categorizing the customers into five categories based on the engagement and loyalty, and targeting certain categories with gift card incentives increased their short-term revenue by $ 250,000.

5. Care for customers even when they don’t buy

It’s better to gift a life time experience to the customer even if they don’t shop. Remind them about the numerous offers that you have put forward.

How to do it?

Design an automated reactivation sequence with incentives for those who haven’t purchased within 12 months


400% success rate in reactivating lapsed customers when done after careful segmenting and powerful customizing.

“Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches – at scale”. – David Newman

6. Skip arbitrary, start being specific with free credits

Announcing discounts is not always enough. There should be some extra attractions for better sales.

How to do?

Instead of offering percentage based, give customers point based discounts or free shipping gifts


An email sent to customers with $4.25 in score credit to use within 24 hours boosted their conversions by more than 50%.

Limited period offer can boost up more customers.

7. Use your Transactional Emails for Marketing

A better customer experience can be created with transactional email marketing. These operational messages results in enormous marketing opportunity to increase loyalty and boost revenue.

How to do it?

Send personalized and branded transactional email including seasonally relevant items for cross-sell.


Adding cross-sell recommendations in shipping confirmation emails increased transaction rates by 20%

8. Getting Personal with customer

At first it might seem impossible. But it isn’t. Wishing them on their special occasions helps gain the trust of customers. Always remember, caring your customer does matter.

How to do it?

Setup milestone campaigns for Birthdays and Anniversaries and send them before and on the D-day


Personalised birthday and anniversary mails had almost 6X the transaction rate of standard bulk mailings.

9. Take your Email Marketing Beyond the Inbox

It’s not only the e-mail inboxes you can depend on. There are lot more possibilities round the corner. As we know that social media has become a part of human life, boosting your company through social media can make the magic possible.

How to do it?

Up sell and cross sell products through social media and through peer pressure, ads and recommendations.


A study by e-marketer found out that 53% of people are more likely to purchase a brand after following and engaging with that brand on Facebook than just email subscription.

Now here are some awesome reasons to switch to Email-marketing;

• People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not     receive email offers.
• 37% said that more than 20% of their inbox comes from marketers, and 53% said they’re                happy with the number of marketing emails they get.
• 91% of people check their email daily
• 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone.