10 Best E-Mail Subject Line Formulae to Rock Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

Best E-Mail Subject Line Formulae To Rock Your E-Mail Marketing Campaigns

As a retailer, e-mail campaigns will be one of your most important tools in marketing. They are a great way to generate leads. But for this to happen, your e-mails should be read. For the e-mail to be read, it needs to be opened.

More often than not, people do not even bother to open or click-through your e-mails. There are even instances of unsubscribing and complaining as spam.

So, the very first step for your e-mail marketing campaigns to be a success would be to get people to open your e-mails. With everyone’s inbox flooded with tons of e-mails every day, there is so much to go through, let alone open. So, amid coupons, newsletters, daily deal sites, password resets, social media notifications and more such stuff, how do you make your e-mail stand out?

The key here is your subject line. Yes! Unless you have a rocking subject line, you cannot expect the reader to take that extra step and open your e-mail. Here is a list of best e-mail subject line tactics that will help you rock your e-mail campaign.

  1. Simple Is The Word: Time is always an asset in online world. So, no-nonsense, simple subject lines that are easier to comprehend are always a better option than cheesy lures. Simple, direct subject line that makes the offer clear is bound to hit the right note. Every e-mail has a specific purpose, so should the subject line.
  2. Subject Lines with Lists and Numbers: Readers love lists as shorter summaries are easier to process and understand. As our brains are naturally drawn to numbers, subject lines with numbers are sure to draw attention.
  3. Personalized Subject Lines:  Using personalization elements almost certainly grabs attention, and makes your e-mails more relevant. However, do not misunderstand personalization for incorporating the users’ name in the subject line. Most of them deem it as spam and it goes right into their junk box. Rather, try giving location specific offers or deals relevant to the customer.
  4. Usage of Punctuation Marks & Other Symbols: One of the hottest trends is usage of punctuation and symbols. Fun symbols and loud punctuations are a quick way to catch the eye, but that is not sufficient. You subject line still needs to convey a message.
  5. Mysterious Subject Lines: Mystery always intrigues. Give readers a chance to dig into a little mystery. For example, subject lines like “Time Is Running Out” or “It’s All Over..” is sure to give them a reason to open the e-mail.
  6. Funny Subject Lines: It might sound funny, but being on the lighter side certainly has its advantages. It’s difficult to be funny in marketing. But such subject lines can really stick out among the otherwise dull and dry e-mails. The cleverness of the subject line might be lost on some users. So, don’t try this unless you know your target audience and their wavelength.
  7. Urgency in Subject Lines: Creating urgency is a time tested method to build anxiety and hype.  Users respond better to the threat of losing than to the prospect of gaining. It can work pretty well when it is used creatively. Example: “Last chance to save today” or “Hurry! Offer ends today” might get you the desired response.
  8. Command: Some people just do not respond to indirect marketing. Subject line that has a command and tells the user what it is all about or what needs to be done, can strike the right note. Such commanding subject lines always start with a verb that demands action.
  9. Teasers: A teaser subject line can be very intriguing. An engaging story like beginning with a teaser of an implied promise can get you an open rate you always wanted. Your subject line should instruct as well as entertain.
  10.  Statistical: Hard hitting, statistical number in your subject line is sure to get you higher open rates. Statistic in the subject line indicating client success stories or your sales numbers will certainly grab the attention.

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