7 Ways App Store Optimization will change in the Near Future [2016]

App Store Optimization
  1. App indexing will greatly influence app marketing & ASO

Does app indexing will become more relevant in coming years? Of course, yes. App indexing is going to make a serious impact on App Store Optimization in coming years. Recently, the CEO of Apptentive opined that the power of deep linking is going to be unveiled. He added “we have just started to analyze how deep linking will influence the app marketing industry globally”.

A notable change bring in by deep linking is app indexing. Let’s see, what the term app linking denotes. App indexing helps people to find and install apps on their iOS and Android smartphones during a web search result. Deep linking enhances app indexing. As search results are available within mobile apps, mobile web results are going to replace with mobile app search results in near future.

This transition clearly indicates that app indexing is going to influence app marketing and App Store Optimization. As ASO become more relevant, app developers will begin to explore more possibilities of indexing in their apps.

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  1. Ratings will become crucial

Many well-known ASO services providing companies have recommended that marketers should focus more on reputation management.

It’s clear that a user look for ratings and reviews before downloading app. App ratings/ reviews have not that much importance on the app store results in the past years, but it is going to make a huge impact in 2016. So, app publishers should focus on implementing new tactics to get positive reviews for their apps.

Utilization of tools such as LaunchKit, Sensor Tower will help you to analyze user feedback and reviews in the app stores. This will help you to find the right keywords to target in App Store Optimization.

  1. Real-time mobile analytics tools become more relevant

If you want to provide better services for your customers you should understand the needs of customers. Real – time analytics tools are useful in finding such needs. Experts believe that the role of real – time analytics tools will become more relevant in ASO in 2016. You can see the evolution of analytics tools in terms of ease of integration and precise reporting.

This will help you trace what all App Store Optimization methods are effective. You can customize your app according to the wishes of the customers.

Real- time mobile analytics tools such as AppAnnie and Sensor Tower will help marketers to examine the tactics of their competitors.

  1. An increase in Digital Marketing Agencies focuses ASO services

Usually marketers do not have much technical knowledge. Experts predict that marketers will recognize the relevance of App Store Optimization is as critical as SEO is for websites.

You will witness a considerable increase in the number of Digital Marketing Agencies providing ASO services in 2016. Agencies strive to stay ahead in the competition by offering crucial ASO tactics. This will help app publishers to gain maximum downloads.

  1. Businesses show more interest in real- time A/B testing on mobile

It‘s evident that A/ B testing has proved successful for web search results for years. Now developers begin to experiment A/B testing in the mobile app realm as well. Testing experts feel confident in the possibilities of A/B testing on mobile and they believe that standards will be defined for testing in upcoming years, especially in 2016.

Currently, developers are taking advantages of Google Experiments in conducting A/B testing. It helps them to identify how descriptions, icons and keywords can influence the performance of an app.

If businesses are convinced, they can implement ASO tactics successfully as they accomplished in their SEO strategies, definitely they will show more interest on real- time mobile A/B testing as well.

  1. More relevance for app description (than ever before)

It is predicted that the app description quality will become critical for ASO in 2016. Many business analysts anticipate that Apple is going to follow Google’s lead in 2016. So, developers should pay more attention while creating app descriptions.

Keep in mind; Google and Apple always give importance to readability. So try to write attractive and user friendly app descriptions.

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  1. Personalization and In- app engagement will become more classy

It is true that ads are relevant to get more downloads for an app. But in – app engagement and personalization will become more significant and valuable in upcoming years.

According to a business analyst, in – app engagement and personalization are very effective to engage customers and it is cheaper as well. As brands have more control over the message, customers’ trust on their products also increases.

You might know that app ranking is based on user retention in the app stores. It‘s because of the crowded nature of the app stores.

Push notifications, virtual currency are some of the features that boost the engagement in your app.

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