Google’s Hasten Mobile Pages to Make Their Way to Search Results


Google announced their plans yesterday of expanding AMP, accelerated mobile pages, from the top news section.

They said first, they are launching it in a preview form at – note, it works only on mobile.

“There is NO ranking boost for AMP specifically, at least now. Of course, mobile friendly and speed are ranking signals and AMP is mobile friendly and fast. But AMP vs mobile friendly is not any better for rankings – thank goodness”, Google said

“To clarify, this is not a ranking change for sites. As a result of the growth of AMP beyond publishers, we wanted to make it easier for people to access this faster experience. The preview shows an experience where web results that that have AMP versions are labeled with The AMP Logo. When you tap on these results, you will be directed to the corresponding AMP page within the AMP viewer.”, Google wrote.

Accelerated mobile pages came to each and every Google’s platforms which includes its news app also for Apple and Android devices.


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