9 Indian Startups that have Aced Content Marketing

Content marketing leaves a lasting impact like no other marketing strategy. Businesses, having recognized the true potential of content marketing in gaining and retaining customers, have already started using content marketing to their advantage.

Startups have more advantages over established businesses when it comes to content marketing. Startups may not have the budget to create and promote large amount of content like their bigger counterparts. However, being passionate about making it to the top will force startups to work hard and churn out relevant but creative content.

Here are some examples of Indian startups that are doing an amazing job with content marketing:

Zomato is one site that is a perfect example to the growth of a startup through content marketing. It is an online directory to find the nearest restaurants and now serves 15 countries, raising more than $65 million on the go.

Zomato’s content marketing doesn’t end with regular blog updates. They do not hesitate to try out different types of content including infographics, videos and campaigns.  Not all of those different forms of content may click with the audience; however, trying out new things is the only way to understand what works and what doesn’t.

SutraLite is an HR recruitment agency for startups and SMEs. Its content marketing strategy is a bit different. Though some of the articles created by SutraLite are related to their services, the ones that mainly grab attention are those articles not belonging to their domain. These articles help them to improve web traffic and grow.

Brightpod is a web-based project management and time tracking software meant to help marketing teams to sort out and have a clear workflow. It is a part of Synage Software started by Sahil Parikh in 2005. Synage Software is an expert in marketing their products overseas and Brightpod is the latest addition to the list. The constant updates on their blog for customers and marketers alike is what keeps them growing.

Eventifier is a tool that helps to showcase all tweets, images, slides etc. of an event in one page. It is the brainchild of a group of youngsters from Mangalore and was first developed at The Startup Centre. Gradually, they have managed to find a place in the market through their content marketing strategy. Apart from blogs and newsletters, the best form of content delivered by Eventifier includes creating relevant insights for event organizers.

With digital marketing companies on a rise, Simply360 is a company whose services every business needs. The social media analytics company that was started in 2009 has more than 25 solid customers to their credit.

Companies like Adobe, WPP and Twitter had also come forward with acquisition offers which the company rejected. Instead of that, they decided to go ahead on their own.  Simply360 has made it big by gathering data, dividing them and presenting them in the most suitable way possible. Many of the infographics and analysis created by the company has been adopted by various publications.

Thrillophilia is a trip planning portal that has come a long way from being a startup to being listed among the top travel domains. The portal provides large amounts of travel-based shareable content that has played a major role in its growth. Thrillophilia also offers specific activity based and unconventional travel packages.

Buzzvalve is a data driven content marketing business that helps companies to manage every aspect of web-based content lifecycle, from creation, distribution, marketing and conversion of content.  The startup has big names like UNICEF, ISB, Honda, Fortis, etc. to its clientele and their amazing content and performance has tempted many more companies to hire Buzzvalve for creating content for them.

Buzzvalve has a simple and minimal website but is very clear about what it provides and what the customers can expect from the company.  People can get a glimpse of Buzzvalve’s previous works through their social media pages.

Druva is the ultimate destination for companies for data protection and governance technology. The company that was started in 2008 has about 3000 customers to its credit and has already found a place in US market with revenue of $65 million.  It was just a regular startup until one of the co-founders came forward to take care of the sales thus propelling the company to heights it is in today.

The Druva team has used their expertise to their advantage in terms of content they provide. Users can find information regarding anything related to data security in Druva’s blogs. Also, they use LinkedIn for promotions.

JU is a friend management system for Twitter and Instagram with 10 million users across the globe. Now it has been rebranded as Crowdfire, a social media marketing product.

It is a startup with minimal financial resource but has managed to find their place in the market through their content strategy.

Though the content they provide seems similar at times, there has been no compromise in terms of quality and continuity till now. The blogs are mainly about managing your social media accounts and relevant happenings across the world.