Is There any Such Thing as SEO for Mobile Apps

seo for mobile apps

The increasing popularity of mobile apps has reshaped the world of iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The number of app downloads and the rating given by users drive the popular apps listed on these platforms to rank higher. This means that improving the visibility of your mobile app is becoming more  challenging today. However, better visibility would increase popularity and  number of downloads for the app.

App store optimization is the first thing that comes in one’s mind when we talk about SEO for mobile apps. But are you aware of the fact that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can actually be used for boosting your mobile apps download?  Just like SEO techniques help to improve your site’s rank on Google Search, there are also some tips and tricks that help to improve the ranking and visibility of your mobile app in the app store.

SEO tips to get Better Ranking for your Mobile App

If your app has a good Google visibility, then automatically app downloads increase. With increased number of app downloads, the app popularity increases and thereby, it achieves higher ranks on the app store. Hence, it is now a proven fact that higher the visibility on Google, higher would be your app store visibility. Below are a few tips of how you can ensure this in an organic manner:

Tip#1 – Your app name should be the brand name

The brand name should definitely come in the download page URL. You can use the brand name as the link on the page from where it can be downloaded.

Tip#2 – Provide link to download app on the home page or prominent page of your website

You should provide a link to download the app on the most prominent page of the website. These are small tips which majorly all website designers miss. You can build a page which has screenshots, tips, main features, reviews, ratings of the app highlighted. This can definitely leave an impact on the users and motivate them to download the apps.

Tip#3 –Use the brand name on the clickable link text which is used to download the app

You should not lose the opportunity of highlighting the name of your brand here. Many companies make this mistake. You should not have link text like – ‘Download iPhone app’ used for downloading the app. You should rather have link names with the brand name like ‘Download the Amazon iPhone app’. This way you can market your brand and also make it clear to the users what they are about to download.

Tip#4 – Provide QR link for app download

QR codes help to give desktop users an easy way to access the apps. Once you scan the right device with the QR code, the app download should occur. You should not forget to compress the URL length before generating the QR. If the URL length exceeds 50 characters, then the QR code that is generated is heavy and many a times scanning them becomes difficult. The best way is to use a compressed URL to generate the QR code. This concept is surely going to become very popular in the next one year. So, you should probably start experimenting on it from now.

Tip#5 –Promote your app to the browsers checking your website

The whole world is sitting for you to make the correct and suitable app search simpler for them. They want to be able to easily find the relevant apps or mobile pages. Every time any browser hits your website, you should prompt them to download the app for their device for ease.

There are several apps available today which are really good but most of them are either not very popular or not on any top lists. This is the main cause for all the owners of good apps to realize the urgency and need to optimize app pages for better ranking.

The brands with large amount of traffic, good content, and social popularity should use these digital opportunities to increase app popularity and increase ranking. App store and Play Store are new assets for mobile researchers.

So, get set go and start investing time in SEO for mobile apps, if you wish to improve your ranking and get more app downloads.

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