This is Why Marketers will love Facebook’s New Sign-Up Ads


Businesses are in constant search for e-mail addresses to find prospective customers.  But to sign up for a newsletter or to request a sales call by typing in the e-mail address is a tough task, especially using a mobile phone. Therefore, Internet users generally refuse to do that.

However, with Facebook’s new sign-up ads, it’s going to be easier. Your e-mail address, phone number and other details can be filled in automatically just by tapping twice. Facebook is still testing these “lead-ads” with small business groups for their credibility.

With Facebook ads, information such as Full Name, E-mail, Street Address, Phone, Zip, City, State, Country, Company Name, Job Title etc. can be filled in.

Facebook ads do care about user privacy and therefore, the information will be handed over only when the call-to-action buttons like “Subscribe” and “Submit” are clicked. Users can also edit the information according to their convenience. Also, it’s up to the user to choose to give away their data to marketers or not.

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