Online Video: The Future of Content Marketing

Online Video - The Future of Content Marketing


We live in a world of instant gratification. With people not even having time for their breakfast, nobody likes to sit and read page long stories and marketing content. They much prefer to see it rather than read it. They say one must have be futuristic to run successful online business. When that's the case, online video content marketing is the future that spreads like wildfire in the present.


With our hands permanently glued to our mobile phones, we at least see one video per day. We can't say the same for written media. All the consumer has to do is click the link and see your idea. It saves lot of time for people on both sides. There are lot of YouTube channels that regularly drive million views within a matter of hours. People prefer seeing people rather than reading blogs.


The main advantage of video marketing by a digital marketing agency over other marketing strategies is it's very attractive. When we add human touch to the content, it engages the viewer. Emotional strategy is always better than intellectual strategy. Say you are selling a dog food product. You write a blog about it with a healthy and playful dog photo. You also release a video ad for the product on Youtube, showing the dog eating your food and playing around in a ground. Which you think would have attracted the customers?


You can make the customer understand your idea better with a twenty second video instead of writing a five page long article. It avoids any confusion the customers may have about your product as they see it in a real situation. It provides transparency between a business designed by a digital marketing agency and its target.


There is a false notion that making a video for business is expensive. But, it is not. You yourself can make a simple video with an amateur camera. Idea is money, not the gadget. If we take YouTube, most of the videos there are shot at home with personal cameras. Still they work. Why? The content. A six-second vine by a digital marketing agency can sell idea.


With small teasers before your product release, you can entice the audience. The more curious they are, that much likely they are to buy your products. Once you deliver your products, trust is built with your customers. This can never be possible with any other marketing.


The most important feature of online video marketing is that it’s instant. You can shoot a video and upload it instantly. The customers can see it and give the feedback instantly. Once you know the reaction, you can improvise the product if necessary. This creates transparency and cuts down the cost drastically.


The promotional videos by a digital marketing agency need not be boring. With the types of video formats available, you can do anything with online video marketing. You can release

  • video testimonials of your customers to build confidence,
  • show product demos in real time,
  • instructional videos about how to use your products,
  • interviews with the business heads,
  • Q&A sessions,
  • Pop culture stars endorsing your products, etc.

When you are conceptualising your idea, make sure it’s relevant to your customer. Subtle placement of your product in a brilliant video is more effective than exaggerating. Do not hint on any stereotypes or insults on a particular group of people.

With million dollar businesses happening every second through little screens, it’s obvious who’s the youngest online marketing superstar is. Online videos, of course!

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