5 Ways to Track and Measure Your Social Media Success

Nowadays, Social media is everywhere starting from our smartphones, computers to tablets. Knowing this to be true, more and more small businesses are making use of it to reach their targeted market. But if you’re off to a great start and already grabbed great presence by keeping your audience engaged, then it is quite good. But how do you know what’s really working as there are many social media platforms which can be used for your business.

Measuring or tracking the overall success of any strategy can be a difficult task. But this can be easy as there are hundreds of ways now. But the main question is, do you know where to find them and do all they really necessary for your business?

Here is the answer for this…

On Facebook, it is quite easy to get the detailed analysis of your page. Just go to your FB page and click insights given on the top. Here you will be able to know about page likes, views, reach, engagements and also any actions occurred on the page.


Not only this much, you can also view the total number of likes. This will help you to find out which time and type of post are best for you and also to monitor your audience reaction to your posts if any.


If you log in to your twitter account page, you can find your followers and how many people you follow. But to view the statistics, you must visit the “Twitter Analytics” page. Click on the profile image given on the top right of your page and select analytics.


As from the image itself it is clear that by visiting analytics page, you will come to know about the 28 days summary of your page. You can view gain/loss of your followers.

Checking analytics constantly can help you in your social media success. You can check the analytics of your Linkedin page without any difficulty. Just click on the “Me” given on the top right of your page and below MANAGE, select your page. It will navigate you to the new tab, where you can click the analytics tab and select visitors, updates, followers and legacy analytics from the dropdown.


Measuring Pinterest analytics always will help you analyse which type of images are best for your business to grab the audience. To visualise this, confirm your website first and then go to settings drop-down menu given on the top right corner, click analytics.


Constantly checking your YouTube analytics will help you to know more details about your videos such as Watch time, Average view duration and Views. It will also show you the key things that might be driving traffic to your video.


You can also able to see your top 10 videos and its details. Actually, more your video content speaks to your target audience, better your results will be.


Tracking and measuring your social media performance is really an important thing for every business type. These can help you to find out where you should focus while promoting your brand on social media. It’s a fact you can track your followers and engagement but more than that, it will help you to achieve success.