Facebook will Allow Publishers to Post Sponsored Content

Facebook allows the publishers to distribute branded content for free, but it’s not clear that whether its labeling system is FTC- complaint.

Normally, advertisers pay social celebrities and publishers for advertorial campaigns or branded video, but it depends on how many people see the respective branded content. And the most popular way for this FACEBOOK.

On Friday, Facebook announced that publishers can distribute branded content on social networks. Now one who runs a verified Facebook page — a publisher, brand or celebrity, – can post articles, photos, videos, links or other content to that page without Facebook’s permission.

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One more catch is now any eligible account posting content paid for by a brand to its Facebook page can tag the brand so that the top of the post carries the line “[Publisher] with [Brand].” This creates a way for marketers to be notified when a publisher posts content paid for by their brand.

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