How to Boost Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is getting bigger each day. Social media networks play a vital role in developing your business because more people are using social media networks each day.

Statistics say that more than 2.5 billion people use social media networks and it is expected to grow more in future.

Marketers must depend on something beyond hashtags to take advantage of channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Social media marketers use a variety of refined strategies to boost their brand awareness, attract new customers and drive more business, and definitely satisfy the followers.

Let’s take a look at these 11 ways to boost your social media strategy.

1. Write down your game plan

Create a game plan for your brand and stick to it. Only a few marketers make use of a written social media strategy; the marketers with a game plan are more likely to be successful with their content marketing rather than those who don’t have.

Statistics states that marketers who write down their game plan have more than 80% success rate in their marketing. Begin with the goals you wish to achieve and develop a strategy to accomplish them.

2. Concentrate on multichannel

A few years ago, Twitter was the decisive platform for social media marketers. Not much later, Facebook took over the scene and now, Instagram is trending!

So in the future, it’s unpredictable that which social media platform will be the main focus for the social media marketers. Also, marketers should understand that it’s foolish to concentrate on a single media. Rather, they should concentrate on various social media channels to focus on their targeted customers.

Also, social media marketers must adopt a multichannel strategy for achieving prospects and clients. Make sure that you use each channel in a unique manner to attract more followers and encourage them to follow your brand.

3. Develop and follow a content calendar

It’s a high chance that you might miss out an important event which you could have utilized for your social media marketing. To avoid such situations, it’s never late to create a social media content calendar.

Social media content calendar can help you in following ways:

  • Your brand’s content will be organized
  • Provides fuel for inspiration and brainstorming
  • You will not miss important dates and events
  • Improves team performance
  • Saves time
  • Allot appropriate resources more efficiently
  • Provides a better understanding of what works for your brand and what not
4. Define your target audience

Most of the companies don’t have a proper idea of who are their target audience. So first, you have to define your target audience.

Social media gives you the option to filter your customers; it will filter who most probably will buy what your brand is offering. Thus, you will be able to save your money by avoiding marketing to ‘not interested’ category customers and also you only need to market to right customers. This will not only save your money but also your time and energy.

Analyse your brand followers and create content that suits their tastes and interests. Address their issues, concerns, and questions. Also, take advantage of Facebook ad tools to promote your content to attract more customers.

5. Set social media goals

Managing social media is a daunting task and chances are high that you will lose the battle easily if you don’t have a proper plan to stick on to it.

Many companies fail in this area because they haven’t set a proper goal for managing their social media activity. Not only for social media but also every investment for your business need to have a proper goal defined. By this way, you will be able to develop a strategy for it, execute it, analyze your efforts and results achieved. This will, in turn, establish Return On Investment (ROI).

Goals should be set for the following areas:

  • Increasing growth of the brand page which includes likes and followers
  • Customer engagement
  • Increasing traffic to landing page of your website
  • To increase leads and sales
6. Make an investment in influencer marketing

As per one of the latest study, almost 95% of marketers believe in influencer marketing and they claim it to be effective. Some of the popular brands such as Nike and Rolex depend on influencer marketing to target their followers.

Nowadays, internet users have turned out to be careful about advertisements that usually appear on the internet. So to battle this, a few brands depend on sponsored content made by social media influencers to create more connections with the targeted audience.

7. Quickly engage your commenters

Most social media networks depend on algorithms to figure out what content is displayed mainly and what content is avoided. Facebook and Instagram utilize engagement as an essential factor in figuring out what content should be displayed and what not.

One major type of engagement is comments. Posts that get more comments are frequently shown compared to other social media feeds.

To encourage individuals from your targeted group to engage more with your content more significantly, assign a designated person who is prepared to respond to user/customer comments immediately.

The quicker you respond to the comments, the more probable it is that various customers will engage with your content too. If you can comment in a way that feels on-brand and exceptional, you may even have the capacity to enhance brand sentiment in your targeted audience.

8. Reach out look-alike audiences

Incredible social media marketing doesn’t simply depend simply on content to increase reach for customers. It should also incorporate some paid elements to intensify reach, particularly once you have set up a solid strategy.

Look-alike audiences depend on the algorithms created by social media networks to enable you to connect with clients who are like your ideal customer profile.

You only need to upload a list of email address related to your best clients to a platform like Facebook, and it will recognize different clients with a comparable demographic and psychographic features.

At that point, you can run advertisements to drive viewers to your site or business page. In course of time, this strategy will help you to rapidly grow a more advantageous and healthier social media following.

9. Make use of analysis for measuring existing strategy

Analytics is an ideal approach to understand whether your social media strategy is working. Obviously, it is best to measure various metrics like follower growth, distribution, and engagement.

Based on what you discover using a tool like Google Analytics, you will know whether your current strategy will prompt significant business results.

10. Develop a unique brand identity

Social media networks are so much crowded with feeds which force customers to always reconsider what they do and don’t need inside their feeds. Therefore, it is crucial that your brand develops a convincing and unique identity. If not, your social media presence will end up like any other usual pages.

Build up a strategy that explains extraordinary and unique brand identity from a blend of multimedia content to lead your story.

11. Delight followers

Finding creative ways to please online followers is an awesome method to build more followers through word of mouth and amplification.

Build up an editorial calendar and ensure that you add delightful moments that impact followers to like your organization. The most outstanding way to do this by creating a fun midweek video that is engaging and entertaining can be an extraordinary approach to bring happiness to social media users in a different way.

Final Thoughts

Social media trends are always changing, so are the marketing tactics. However, strategies said above will remain the same.

Concentrate on multichannel social media strategy that conveys your brand’s image and brings enjoyment to followers. In course of time, you need to build up a large social media following suited for driving enormous business to your organization.

If you have any questions related to this article, please feel free to let us know.