Best Social Media Posting Timings for Different Industries in 2017

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others can be your marketing weapons. But, only if you know how to optimize your content in a good way for your audience. From facebook posts to tweets, general information to personal experiences and stories, there are few factors that matter to the social media audience.

These are:

  • Do they actually see the content? (Post timings)
  • How relevant is the content to them?
  • Is the content attention grabbing and share-worthy?

All three questions deserve attention and require research. Unless a post gets all three of these right at least to some extent, it will get lost among the massive social media noise.

Here, we deal with Social Media post timings for different Industries in India. We have arrived at these timings looking at popular posts in popular pages, some of which are cited as examples.

Timing is the key factor of promotions of your service or product.

Your audience might prefer using social media sites during precise hours. It means if you share your content at the time when your audiences are on these networking channels, you will be able to gain more followers resulting in the increase of traffic.

Here are few information about when, what and why to post in social networks for various industries.


The entertainment sector is quite huge. And they have found a special liking for social media.

Ideal social media platforms for entertainment industry

Ideal Social Media Platform– Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Reason-As Facebook itself is an entertaining factor, most people wish to see content related to entertainment in this platform. It is a perfect platform to promote entertainment related content.

In twitter you can see lots of entertainment content. It’s a news based social media. If you can creatively add content, your next 15 seconds of fame might be round the corner.

Time– Doing postings after 7 pm might show good results in your Facebook page as most of the people become free form their busy schedules at this time. Also, you should share posts after any type of events, even if it’s not part of your original social media plan. In Twitter, you can add tweets as soon as something new happens. It’s like breaking news. For example, the review of an anticipated movie just after it is premiered for the first time. Twitteratti is always online. So, anytime is a good time. Mentions and matter more than just time.

Youtube is really a good platform for promoting content relating entertainment. People usually like to see videos rather than reading a long content.

Type of posts– Events, offers, posters relating to your site in Facebook and quick short breaking news type or creative content in twitter.

Examples of good Entertainment pages– Zee Entertainment, Sun TV Network

Real Estate

Ideal Social Media Platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn

Ideal social media platforms for real estate sector

Reason– These social media platforms are perfect to start a real estate digital profile as it allows to interact with the buyers of past, present and future.

Time– It will be better to do promotions on page after 6 pm as it might be the time when your targeted audience wants to check out new commercials or updates about real estate.

Type of posts– Images of property, posts highlighting features of home such as front porch, hall, fireplace, interviews with architects, etc

Examples of good Real Estate pages– Indiabulls Real, Prestige Estate


Ideal Social Media Platforms– Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter

Ideal social media platforms for retail industry

Reason– These platforms are must-have factors of a great customer acquisition strategy. All the given social media have effective ad tools and significant reach.

Time– Morning before 11 am and evening after 6 pm will be good to reach your audience in general. But, try to experiment with your timings as people will definitely respond differently to each retail product.

Type of posts– Products with eye-catching descriptions, engagement posts asking them to share their experience. Videos showcasing their unique features, product review videos, etc.

Examples of good Retail pages– Trent, Shoppers Stop


Ideal Social Media Platforms– Facebook

Ideal social media platforms for education sector

Reason– Facebook pages are really an important resource for students, parents and educational professionals to share and get experiences and ideas about today’s education.

Time– Posting after 1 pm will be good as students, tutors and parents would be busy with plenty of work in the morning.

Type of posts – Online education tools, good study materials, education news and engagement posts asking them to solve puzzle or quiz.

Examples of good Education related pages– Educomp Solutions Limited, McGraw-Hill Education India


Ideal Social Media Platforms – Instagram, Facebook

Ideal social media platforms for restaurants

Reason– Both social media have lots of focus on photo/video posts and the audience is there for informal engagement.

Time –Just before 1 pm is a good time to post as during lunch hours most of the people login into social media networks and might make plans.

Type of posts – Special dishes of the day, images of well decorated food, recipes, engagement posts asking audience to share their recipes, experience, food coupons or offers, etc

Examples of good Restaurant pages – Indian Accent, Peshawri


Ideal Social Media Platforms– Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Ideal social media platforms for fashion industry

Reason– Fashion again depends a lot on the visual aspects. This makes Facebook and Instagram ideal platforms as both social media focus significantly on visual content. On the other hand, twitter helps spread fashion related news in quick time, and also encourages conversations between fashion experts, wannabes and followers

Time– Evening is the best time to post. After 4pm, people tend to look for entertainment and Fashion related content.

Type of posts– Dresses of modern trends, costume depending on the occasion that too with the suitable hairstyle if possible.

Examples of good Fashion pages– Digjam, Alps Industries


Ideal Social Media Platforms– Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Ideal social media platforms for automotive industry

Reason– Buying a new automobile is a big decision for any consumer. They would be looking all over the web and checking with their friends circle to arrive at the final decision. Facebook is a medium where they can get a lot of validation for specific products. It is a personal space where people would share their experiences and opinions with friends in different ways. Because of this, it can be a very powerful medium for automobile advertisements. It sparks general consumer conversations as well.

Twitter on the other hand is great because it sparks conversations among automobile experts and between experts & common consumers. So, automobile brands should be on Twitter to influence the influencers.

Instagram is the hip thing right now, and why not? People love gorgeous pictures. So, serve some unique, glam shots of your product and get noticed.

YouTube is where all the automobile lovers look for reviews, tests, upcoming vehicle launches, etc.

Time– Posting after 5 pm is better to promote your brand. It might receive higher interaction rates as compared to other times.

Type of posts– Images, product reviews, unique selling points.

Examples of good automotive pages– Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd


Ideal Social Media Platforms– Twitter, LinkedIn

Ideal social media platforms for banking sector

Reason– Twitter can establish your presence socially and can build trust and engagement with customers. It’s a worthy tool to improve customer service and to identify and respond to customer queries.

LinkedIn on the other hand is a professional network and ideally suited for advertising anything banking related.

Time– Evening is the best time to post on Twitter. For LinkedIn, morning is better. These are timings when people usually search for new content on these platforms.

Type of posts– Questions to Fans, Promotions, and Contests, informative posts.

Examples of good Banking pages– Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, HSBC Holdings


Ideal Social Media Platforms– Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube

Ideal social media platforms for healthcare industry

Reason– Facebook is one of the best choices for promoting healthcare brands. Your targeted audience might be looking for healthy living ideas such as exercise and diet.

On the other hand, LinkedIn also plays a significant role in the healthcare field as several healthcare professionals use this platform for sharing their ideas and to do discussions.

Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Youtube plays a significant role in the healthcare industry as normally people prefer to see health related videos as it makes them clear what , when and how to do.

Time– Evening after 6 pm is good for sharing posts, ideas, and content regarding your services. As it is the time when you can see the highest interaction rates in the health related pages.

Type of posts– Benefits of using your services, engagements posts allowing the audience to ask their queries, health tip videos, etc…

Examples of good healthcare pages– Wockhardt Ltd, Apollo Hospitals


Ideal Social Media Platforms– Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram

Ideal social media platforms for fitness industry

Reason– Posting content on facebook consistently is a way to ensure that you’re staying top-of-the-mind in your fans and followers. Likewise, posting unique and special images and videos on Instagram will help grab attention instantly.

LinkedIn helps to share status and experiences with their preferred industry. But twitter, a real- time fast-paced social network allows you to target a completely different audience and customers for your gym.

Time– Evening and night are the best time to post. After 4 pm till morning 5 am, people tend to look for fitness related ideas.

Type of posts– Engaging question, photo, link, or article.

Examples of good fitness pages– Talwalkars Gym, Fitness First


Don’t take this as final— just test the above data once for your respective industry. You’ll be shocked with the results as this might increase the social media traffic by up to 40-50 %. So, good luck and get social today!