Top 8 Tools for Online Reputation Monitoring

irrespective of the niche you operate in, it is important for you to constantly keep a watch on what your customers are talking about.

These positive or negative reviews are paramount to the success of any e-commerce business. Since customer reviews primarily dictate the performance of your brand, entrepreneurs should immediately address the gap between the ‘expected and the available’.

For you to build a strong goodwill, you should periodically track your online reputation.

All in an attempt to improve your online reputation, here are top 8 (paid and free) Online Reputation Management (ORM) tools that work wonders.

1. Reputology

You can effectively exercise control over your customer reviews using the Reputology platform.

This is a Review Management and Monitoring interface that can be used for healthcare, fitness, real estate, and hospitality businesses thriving in multiple locations.

Enabling your customers to voice their opinion, this tool comes with a unique feature which converts negative reviews into customer service tickets.

2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free tool that is very helpful to SEO professionals and digital marketers.

Through this tool, you can not only create engaging content but also monitor your brand very closely.

All you need to do is to key in the name of your company on the login page of Google Alerts so that you start getting alerts. Subsequently, you can lay hands on email notifications that Google sends out through the Google database.

3. Chatmeter

Recognized as a comprehensive local brand management platform, Chatmeter steps in to assist local agencies and brand track their online reputation.

Through this tool, SEO analysts will be able to collate and analyze customer feedback to improve customer experiences.

Exclusively crafted for multi-location agencies and brands, you will start receiving emails linked to any reviews that showed up on over 20 search sites. Additionally, Chatmeter also notifies you the moment there is a fresh content about your online offerings or brand.

4. ReviewTrackers

If you are looking for a perfect paid tool that can help you track your customers’ reviews featured on more than 80 sources, then ReviewTrackers is the top bet.

This tool segregates reviews into different patterns of customer feedback.

This feature enables you to effortlessly spot the most common issues/topics that your customers are talking about. This software provides a single dashboard that becomes the centralized source for all your reviews.

5. Review Push

Exclusively crafted to monitor the social media presence of your brand, Review Push is a brilliant online review management tool. This platform lends a helping hand to businesses operating in various locations by collating reviews featured on sites like Yellowpages, Facebook, Foursquare, Google and Yelp.

Through this software, you will be able to receive all the reviews from multiple sites in a centralized location.

Additionally, once you set up email alerts, Review Push allows you to respond to both the positive and negative reviews, straight from your inbox.

6. Reputation Health

If you engage in providing health services or you specialize in online marketing services for medical teams, then you can rely on Reputation Health.

This is a wonderful online reputation monitoring tool that is perfect for physicians.

Medical professionals can effortlessly monitor their online reputation by collating online reviews that show up on over 23 medical sites like Vitals, HealthGrades, DrScore and UcompareHealthcare.

Physicians will be able to get first-hand reviews about their services from patients in the form of email alerts.

7. Yotpo

Yotpo is one unique platform that improves your online reputation. Through this tool, you can encourage your customers to come up with positive reviews for your online offerings.

Available in both paid and free versions, the paid version allows you to lay hands on customer reviews linked to social media campaigns.

The free version steps in to mail out review requests immediately after a successful checkout, encouraging your customers to speak positively about your offerings.

8. Meltwater

It is your business to always keep a close watch on your competitors. With Meltwater by your side, you can make this ordeal an effortless practice. Offering real-time analytics,

Meltwater is the largest databank of global media reviews which shows up your reviews as news snippets.

In addition to alerting you about your competitors’ reviews, this tool helps you track and share your customer reviews with your teammates.

Key Takeaways

Manually searching for your brand’s name on search engines is passé.

Now is the age of automated tools that will show up consolidated customer reviews from multiple sites

. These easy and smart tools equip you with the market intelligence to address the multiple concerns of your customers and improve your online reputation.