10 Advantages of Hiring an Online Marketing Agency in Trivandrum

SMBs and medium- sized businesses now keep a separate budget for their online marketing efforts. But when looking for online marketing agencies, most businesses focus their search in Bangalore or other metropolitan cities.

India as an IT country is so much more than the metro cities. Trivandrum, for example has the largest IT Park in Asia in terms of built-up area.

So, let’s look at the major advantages of hiring an online marketing agency in Trivandrum:

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1. Fast-growing IT Sector

Trivandrum has a fast growing IT Infrastructure that expands far beyond the walls of Technopark. Major IT Companies in the country has identified huge value in shifting to the city.

In the process, it has become a popular choice for the best talent in the country. This bides well for getting highly talented digital marketing resources from around the country as well.

There are many start-ups and It professionals from the city who has made their mark in the international IT scene.

2. Low Cost of Living

This is a huge factor that has attracted companies from around the globe. Lower cost of living means less expense on resources. It reflects on the final product as well, enabling brands to provide more affordable services to digital marketing clients.

3. Literacy Rate

Kerala was the first state in India to achieve 100% literacy. Trivandrum being the capital of Kerala has a well-educated population that is Internet-savvy.

Most people in the city know how to write decent English even though people who speak well are lesser in number. This is ideal for a major online marketing requirement – original, quality content.

4. Knowledge-hungry Population

The people of this city are truly knowledge-hungry. There are a huge number of print publications and News channels that run successfully in the city due to this characteristic of the people.

To be a quality digital marketing or an SEO/SEM professional, curiosity and a hunger for knowledge are basic traits to have. The next generation kids of the city are hooked to the Internet just like kids from any metropolitan city.

5. Communication

Digital marketing is all about proper communication, to the client and to the audience. What better place than a 100% literate state to have great, clear communication. A huge percent of the population is exposed to foreigners as the state is also a popular tourist destination.

6. Well-connected

Despite being near the southern tip of India, Trivandrum is connected extremely well via roadways, airways, railways and even waterways.

If a digital marketing client wants to make visits onsite, it’s very easy to do so. At the Jointviews Trivandrum office, we often have frequent visitors from different parts of the world.

7. Creatively Inclined

Creativity is a key trait for any quality digital/content marketers. They frequently face challenges and have to find creative solutions on the fly.

An online marketing agency in Trivandrum will have majority resources sourced locally. If you look at Trivandrum, the city has been a cultural hub throughout the centuries.

The natives are very creative. It is partially due to the calm and serene atmosphere provided by the city. Online marketing is a high stress work segment, and the peaceful city offers plenty of opportunities for the professionals to unwind. This allows online marketers to produce creative work.

8. Social

On any given day, apart from the rare occasion of hartal, you can see the streets are abuzz with life during the evenings. All types of people communicate with each other every day. Trivandrum has a very social population.

This also means that online marketers in the city socialize with people from the same industry quite often, either directly or through social media. Hence they are able to share a lot of ideas and maintain very high standards.

9. Internet Savvy

Kerala is a consumer state, and the people are always looking out for a bargain buy, especially online. Almost everyone in the city has an internet connected smartphone.

This helps and pushes those working in the digital domain to stay on top of the latest news and developments. Staying updated with the latest is a great asset to have in all online marketers as there are numerous changes happening every day.

10. Increasing Number of Online Marketing Agencies

Slowly but steadily, the city is embracing Online Marketing. This has given rise to a higher number of agencies, and there is stiff competition between them to outdo each other.

The customer is the beneficiary in such a scenario, as they reap the rewards of having a highly competitive workforce.

With so many benefits to offer, Trivandrum is a great choice to hire an online marketing company. You get your job done in the best way at affordable rates as agencies here have a strong pool of resources to bank upon.

Best Practices of Website Localization

The article explains certain best practices to make your website localization a success.

Expanding any business abroad is a major undertaking and often it happens that most businesses take a long time to touch a matured state in their approach to website localization. Often localization of a website is confused with translation. Website localization goes beyond translation and is a more specialized process of adapting web content and applications for regional (local) consumption. The process modifies the source language and other site elements, making it appeal to the customer’s preferences in their own local language. It is crucial for businesses to understand that website translation refers to the process of shifting an original language version of web content such as text, multimedia, e-books, or apps into a different language by simply substituting words from one language to another—in context. Experienced digital marketing agencies can help businesses with content localization.

Adapting localization strategies to the online content and deliverables for regional specificity help global brands to ensure a quality customer experience. Website localization is all about refining your message and curating your brand to meet the cultural, functional, and language expectations of your global markets.

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Here are a few tips for optimized website localization –

Consider Web Analytics –Along with selecting the right language set, make sure to align with your leadership, sales team, and to mine language insights of your global audience from web analytics data. Make sure to look at the geographic locations from where your visitors most frequently access your website, and also their browser language setting. These two data points can provide significant insights about the languages that your visitors use day-to-day.

Consider Basics –Pay attention to even basic details. Some of them such as punctuation formats, time and date, can have significant impact on how the user perceives. Make sure that your content matches the accepted standards of your target market. For instance, consider whether your target market uses names of months in alphabets or do they prefer numerals? Do they prefer 12-hour standard time format or 24-hour format? Displaying dates and times in the preferred local formats is also recommended as it avoids confusion and allows for an improved user experience.

Offer Diverse Currency & Payment Options –For online E-commerce website, it is really crucial to display prices in the local currency. When users arrive at your site, the last thing they will want to do is convert the prices into values that leads to further decisions. Users in different countries also have different payment preferences such as iDeal in the Netherlands, Alipay and Tenpay in China, while few prefer cash pay delivery.

Create a Style Guide –Creating a style guide will help throughout the localization of your website. Different languages require different fonts and styles.This framework will help the readers understand the written and visual presentation of a company’s content.

Use Advanced Coding and Software –Use Unicode to standardize your website structure. This universal character encoding standard is an ideal way to mix various scripts and languages in a document and exchange documents between people with different locales. . Also consider implementing a multilingual user interface, which helps to change to other languages.

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Use Global Design Templates –The need for global consistency will only strengthen, with more and more companies adding languages and local websites. It allows management of a lot of country sites by very few people. It also allows all content managers to use common tools and processes. The global template is easier to manage.For the end user, these templates provide a reliable interface that will help in usability and credibility.

Choose a Reliable Digital Marketing AgencyMake sure to benefit from the services a translator who knows the cultural differences between both the countries, that is your country and the one you’re marketing to. Reputable online marketing agencies provide services from expert translators who stay in or have lived in that country. Such native speakers can pin point the ideas that will work in your advertising campaign. They can assist you with the viewpoint of the local people.

With appropriate planning, an intensive localization strategy along with a skilled LSP partner can help you successfully execute your strategy.

How to do SEO in 2016? [Guide]


As usual, more and more SEO changes will hit us in 2016. People still search online for what they want and now more increasingly search is done from mobile phones. Google’s algorithm undergoes dozens of significant changes each year. 2016 will not be different. Let us check the SEO trends that are set to rule search marketing next year. Professional assistance from a digital marketing agency in your area can help you with these changes.

Certain Predictions

• Mobile searches will surpass desktop in 2016 – As already seen the trend is shifting now. Mobile traffic is becoming more and more crucial for ROI.
• Video Content will overtake – Video content could also provide greater ROI than written content in terms of reach, engagement, effectiveness, for brands and industries in the B2C category.
• Greater indexing of social media content – Social media content will get indexed more, as you can already see when you do mobile search for some news item on Google and tweets appear in the search results. Social posts will carry a value and a consideration similar to any independent web page, and the separation of “web” and “social media” will begin to blur even further from an SEO perspective.

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• Aggregated content changes the content marketing game – Twitter Moments is bringing aggregated social media and news content into the picture, which narrows the content marketing field but provides new opportunities as well. News articles must be automatically sourced by Twitter to be visible. Users, whom you target, themselves become content creators and become firsthand witnesses of current events.
• Local search will be given greater specificity – Local search is set to get even more specific, thanks to Google’s local indexes getting even more localized and the arrival of wearable technology such as the Apple Watch. It won’t be long before rankings could be generated in terms of neighborhood rather than city or state.

SEO tactics you need to focus on to continue performing strongly on search engines.

• Keyword Research – Keywords and phrases are still crucial as prospects are using them to find out business, service and products. Keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Keyword Planner from Google, Keyword Analysis Tool for searching the most effective keyword trends in 2016. Also analyzing your own website to check that which keywords are generating more traffic and which are getting more popular. You can use this analysis to find the new related keywords or you can use the same keywords to generate the new content. Reputable digital marketing agencies provide service from experienced SEO analysts who can choose and optimize appropriate keywords based on client’s service.
• On-Page SEO –There has hardly been any changes in the on-page SEO elements over the past couple of years. But, the major goal should be to produce content that is unique and of high-quality. This way, it can meet the needs and expectations of your audience. And like before, it is still crucial to have your keywords in your URL, Title tag, heading tags, Alt image tags and content (3 or 4 times minimum).

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• Mobile SEO – Web designers have already determined that a website needs to load in less than 3 seconds in order to hold the attention of its visitors. For faster accessibility, it is crucial to optimize all the websites for mobile. Mobile search will take reign over desktop in 2016. Google, the search engine giant has put out its own guidebook for brands ready to create a usable and attractive mobile site.
• Link Building – Manual link building cannot be replaced with other marketing strategies. Links have always been an important ranking signal. Quality links can be achieved by asking for backlinks from trust worthy sources, building relationships. Creating testimonials provide a great opportunity to get a backlink and potential traffic from the other site and it usually has a much higher approval rate than your standard link request e-mails. Google Webmaster Tools will help to find out if your link profile could be negatively impacted by low-quality or bad links.
• Content Marketing – Unique, quality content is still crucial. An Online marketing agency with professional content writers can help. Focus on your top keywords while creating content. Blog posts, videos, whitepapers, research report and webinars give people something to link to. In addition, the content you create can rank by itself in the search engines. For example, if you write a blog post on “How to Pick an SEO Company,” there is a possibility it will rank for some of the keywords you use in the title and in the body post, especially if the post gets linked to from other websites or shared a lot on social media. It also helps if your website as a whole already has significant high-quality links.

Adapting changing market trends can be time-consuming for busy professionals. It will be ideal to choose a digital market agency with relevant experience in performing SEO for various industries.

How to Choose the Right SEO Expert for Your Company


Getting top rankings on Google search engine results pages (SERPs) were quite easy in the past. But now, the terms and policies are changing. You have to be aware of a number of criteria to show up in results. The Google Page Rank system determines the most applicable websites for every keyword. An SEO expert or a professional digital marketing agency can help your page show up higher in SERPs.

An online marketing agency will guide you on the right path. The trick here is to find the one that is worth investing in. You can find hundreds of SEO agencies who claim to be experts. But only the best can help you achieve the results you expect. Trusting someone with your whole website and online image is a risky task. As such, it must be done with utmost care.

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Choose the Right SEO Expert

Here are a few points you need to keep in mind while choosing an SEO expert for your firm:

  • Search Intelligently

On checking out Google, you will find a large number of SEO companies. The top ranked companies may be the best, but they even charge too high. Here, the question you need to ask yourself is”Will it be worth it?” A small business will not require a huge and mighty firm for business.

The best way to search will be to ask your vendors and peers. People in the same field will be able to give you honest and reliable suggestions. Stay away from spammers and hire only trustworthy employers for your job.

Finding an SEO firm in your own locality is a good idea as it helps develop interpersonal relations as well. Find out the history of the company and their market record also before you commit to a deal.

  • Budget

You need to have a basic idea about how much is your budget and how much you can afford to spend on online marketing. This should be the basis of your interactions with any Digital Marketing Agency. Fees will keep varying, so you must keep a clear cut idea.

There are some freelancers that charge really low, making it a viable method rather than approaching large firms. But, you must never go for cheap labour, as it may affect the quality of the output as well.

The payment may be hourly, project-wise, or by the web page. Different companies have different policies. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that SEO will be required even after the changes are done. Maintenance is also an important task. You must confirm the rates for maintenance as well.

  • Effective Communication and Reporting

Once the rates are decided, you need to make clear about the Return on Investment, and how you could expect to track it. Regular updates and reports must be provided for you to understand the progress. If not, then you may be in for great trouble!

You need to discuss the techniques the online marketing agency plans to implement. Stay clear of all black hat techniques, or else your website could even be banned. Have a clear communication plan in mind before moving forward.

  • Background Check

It is important to have an idea about the past background of the company. First-hand information from previous customers would be really helpful. You could ask them for at least three names from whom you could get an honest opinion.

These clients will be able to tell you how long it took for them to see positive changes, how it impacted their business, how the firm was able to keep up to their commitments, their satisfaction level, and so on.

On Googling the name of the firm, you may even hit on reviews and experiences by customers. Not all companies have their own website, so you may not have much luck in that route.

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  • Strategy

A good SEO company must be able to put forward an intelligent strategy in front of you. Page rank, keyword optimization, and linking strategy are most important. Give them a chance to demonstrate their capabilities and give you a basic idea about their style of work to understand them better. Moreover, they must also be able to cater to your website irrespective of the size.

For your business to succeed and reach the top ranks, it is essential to make full use of the online marketing opportunities in front of you. An apt online marketing agency will be able to offer you all the results you expect and even more. So, stay alert, be on your guard, and choose wisely. The future of your firm depends on your decision. You cannot afford to make mistakes.

How to Decide the Ideal Social Media for Your Business


Social media is an inevitable platform when you come to marketing. An efficient social media strategy helps you boost your brand and business. The main idea here is to select the best social media that is apt for your requirements. Approaching a Digital Marketing Agency solves this issue for you.

A large number of social media platforms are available these days. You need to go through them and select the one that offers you the highest potential to reach out to your ideal audience. You need to broadcast the type of content you need to market your company. It is not possible to be the best on every platform. It is better to concentrate on a few of them and try to make your best.

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An online marketing agency will be able to choose out the best for your company. The professionals help you build an amazing online profile to make your mark among the target audience. Here are the most common social media that your social media expert would suggest you:


Pinterest is a simple content sharing service. Members are able to pin or post their videos, videos, and other such content on their boards. Such media are shared among others.
Pinterest is known to have a majority of female users. As such, it will be highly effective for businesses where visual imagery plays an important role. This platform is apt for businesses involving travel destinations, fashion or foods, wedding planning, interior decorating, and so on. A great deal can be marketed about your products by using videos and photos on Pinterest.
Pinterest has generally got a niche market. It serves this purpose really well. You have the option to share posts, comment on posts or boards, and also click to go to the web page from where a particular image came. You could “pin” something on to your board if you like it. The boards are attached to every user’s profile. This helps people see the person or company from where a particular video or photo came.


LinkedIn is a very popular networking site. It mainly aims at creating contacts in the world of business. You connect to people or companies, and you could utilize this network to build up your profile.
LinkedIn helps you create professional networks. This way you could connect to people and be there for them when they require your services. There are groups and discussions where you can actively participate to get noted. Politely discussing your interests, showing your transparency, impressing others with your expertise, asking and answering questions, and interacting with others does the trick here. This is not a visual medium, and you get to talk about yourself, and what your business does. Service providers are a majority in here as compared to retailers.


This visually driven media is a much more powerful tool than you think. It has got high potential if you utilize it well enough. Homemade and company made videos are found in abundance. People keep posting videos on it hoping them to get viral and earn popularity. If you feature your business in an efficient manner, you can make it big. The user base of this medium is really high, and you get a huge audience. Make it exciting and you will achieve what you want.
YouTube is based on visuals. You could see millions and millions of videos here which have been watched numerous times. Check out the videos that have generated maximum hits to get an idea of what will work out for you. Demonstrating your product, teaching people to do something, and introducing something new are cool ideas to start with.

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Twitter is another popular social media platform that is an ongoing conversation. Twitter is more of a real time thing that is based on “in the moment” concept. Users can choose what to view and whether to respond.
Using twitter, you could reach out to the public and wait for them to respond. Breaking news, questions, updates, opinions, and other such things can be shared via twitter. You “tweet” whatever you feel like. This reaches out to the public. You directly interact with the people here.


At this point of time, Facebook is the most popular social media in the world. It is a must for online marketing. The size of Facebook is enough to realise its importance. It is safe to assume that every person is on Facebook.
Businesses have the option to build their profile and show the image they prefer to show out to the public. People get to directly interact by commenting, asking questions, and expressing views. Facebook is more of a long-term commitment.

The main purpose of Facebook is to show out your face to the public. It does not deal with selling alone. You portray your business in a way that users are able to relate to you. By using this platform to its full capacity, you can generate a large number of fans and become popular.

Being active on all platforms is hard and not at all practical. An effective online marketing strategy is to select the three that suit your requirements aptly. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency to choose the best ideas and monitor your online activities. Stay involved on social media and see the difference it can bring out in your business!

Why Your Website’s Design Is Too Important To Be Left To Web Designers


Your company website looks outdated, whereas rival websites are looking fantastic. So you hire a designer or a designing agency to give your company’s website a new start.

But does a believable, compelling website design really matter?

Yes, it does. But, the important thing is that it should not be just good looking. It should also be user and search engine friendly. Your best bet is a digital marketing agency, unless you yourself are a digital marketing expert.

The following is a list of 5 key components, which an online marketing agency keeps in mind while designing a website:


The navigation of a website is very important as it can make or break a website. It is especially true for websites with several pages. Website navigation normally includes a list of labels or navigation bar which organizes its pages for easy access. Web designers sometimes get carried away with fancy typefaces and designs while designing navigation. Good navigation must be simple to find and understand, making for quick and easy travel through the entire website.

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Brand Consistency

If your firm has a logo which is being used often in print materials (i.e. Pamphlets, business cards, letterheads, etc.), the logo/brand colors, logo, brand messaging and imagery utilized in print should be carried over into the website design.

It is significant for your clients to be capable enough to identify your brand in all forms of communication so that they can associate your promise and brand position with your business.

When the visual communication gets changed to a brand, it can make the clientele feel uncomfortable, which leads them to make a negative association with your firm. At the same time, a smart digital marketing agency will be able to enhance your relationship with the customer through clever usage of branding elements.

Reading Patterns and SEO

Many folks are comfortable in reading the whole website the same way they read a book. Web designers keep this in mind while designing a website. Most of the designers make sure to place the vital info on the upper left-hand column. This will aid you to get the message worldwide more efficient from the visitors who could be potential or current clientele.

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The content in your website is essential. Mainly because it communicates your company’s brand promise and brand position directly to your customers. There are other very essential elements which are taken into consideration when a copywriter writes the content and the designer designs the corresponding visual environment related to the content.


Making and maintaining trust amid your clientele is really essential, but it will not happen till you really get to know about them and their values. Marketing methods can help you find more about your probable customer’s requires.

Website design is much more than a fancy, eye-candy layout. It is an ideal way to make a user-friendly environment where folks come for necessary tips. A properly designed and managed website can see clients continuously returning to your website and doing business with your firm.