Google Maps Now Showing Beam Instead of Direction Arrow


Google maps for android has changed its standard way of showing route arrow with a blue beam.

“Think of it as a flashlight guiding your travels,” product manager Raja Ayyagari wrote in a blog post.

Last month, Android users had got the facility to use Google Maps offline. So now, while you are travelling, just use “Wi-Fi only” to enjoy Google Maps services.


Google Maps Now Showing Beam Instead of Direction Arrow


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The beam or beacon would make it easy to orient yourself in Google Maps, as it shows if your phone’s direction is accurate or not. The width of the beam increases if the compass sensor is uncalibrated temporarily in your phone. This temporary failure of the sensor can be due to daily activities such as charging your phone or even strolling near a metal pole. It is easily fixable. You just need to move your phone a few times in a figure-8 motion.


Google Maps Now Showing Beam Instead of Direction Arrow


These modifications occurred after the launching of multi-stop directions for maps on Android.

This is available now only for Android users.


Finally Google Maps Starts Showing Speed Limits


Google was reportedly in the process of testing speed limits in the map which was requested by many users.

Now, a Google map user posted a screenshot showing the speed limit sign.

speed limit sign

Android users from both US and UK said that they have seen the speed limit indicators in the Google map.




“The company is always experimenting with new features, and might roll it out broadly depending on user feedback.”, Google said.