Now Get Registered to Vote with New “Google Doodle”


Search Engine Giant, Google has enlisted its Doodle to remind Americans to register to vote.

While clicking on the Google Doodle, you can see it flashes “Register to Vote” in different languages.


It also helps you by providing step-by-step instructions on how to get registered and also provide information about all the necessary requirements.

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Google Maps Now Showing Beam Instead of Direction Arrow

As a number of people are searching information in this platform, it also came up with some tools to help voters.

You can register to vote in person or by mail depending upon your state.


Finally Google Publishes Labor day Logo for American Workers!

For the first time, Google has posted a Labour day Doodle.

Labour Day is a public holiday honoring several achievements of labour unions since the 1800s in the US.

Till now, only small American flags were posted on Labour days.


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