Why Images should be a part of digital marketing strategy

I read once that social media is much about sociology and psychology than technology. The more you are able to attract people, the more returns you get.

As Steve Jobs stated-"A lot of times People don't know what they want until you show it to them." This is the effect that an image creates in the mind.

Digital Marketing requires more than just a nice laid out text to create impact. Images help in grabbing that attention. A strategically placed image creates just the right effect. Research shows that content with image gets 94% more views than the one which has none. The reason is simple; the attention gets diverted to the image much easily than plain text.

As said, 'Marketing is a contest for people's attention' and Images help you get more of it. So here are few reasons why they should be an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Increases engagement– The more the images, the more the connection. Photos posted on social media can boost up your digital marketing strategy. It is often seen that pictures get more likes, retweets and shares than plain text. A user is more likely to get engaged with your product if he sees an image associated.
  2. The age of Visual graphics– In this era, with affordable cameras and video cameras available, people are getting more connected to images. Pinterest, Instagram are few of those examples which self-explain how important are images in today's world and for the success of business.

        For instance, Pinterest is the third most popular social network which works entirely on         images.

  1. Help in decision making– With the presence of more number of high quality images users can easily compare different products .It helps in making fast decisions. A customer always feels satisfied if he sees more relevant images with the product he intends to buy or use. It helps in gaining confidence.
  2. Image based information– Infographics can act like batteries for your e-business. If valuable statistics, information is presented in an engaging way it is the best method to enhance your business. The superlative part is that no added written content is required with the image. It helps user to visualize the content and grasp the points more easily.
  3. Image shows in google search– An optimized image shows up in google search results. It means more surfing and more viewership.
  4. Images are infectious– Yes, Images are easy to spread. They are easy to share on any social media platform. Sharing the picture with a link to the main article is the trick to gain views, likes and shares.
  5. Better Branding– The more aesthetic the site looks the better is the brand value. The customers feel more confident in a site which has more images tactically placed.

Let me tell you what kind of image should actually be included-

  1. Interesting and Relevant- The most important point is the relevance. The image should be talking about the content. It should be able to create a view about the article in the mind of reader. The key lies in making the image interesting with relevance. This can be done by adding some caption or title.
  2. Clarity- The quality of the image is another important criterion. The image should be bright and high definition. There is no point using a blurred or dull image as it makes the user loose interest.
  3. Number of Images- In e-marketing services, specifically this is one of the significant factors. With more number of HD images the visibility of a product increases.
  4. Placement of Image- While all the above factors are considered important, image placement is most crucial. The image should be strategically placed so that it appears in search engine, auto populates when shared, or create the right impact at the right time.