25 Best Tools for Improving Your Content Writing Skills

Improving your content writing is one of the best ways to succeed in the SEO world. High-quality content can boost organic site traffic, improve SEO rankings and strengthen your on-site conversion rates.

Google considers quality content and the number of inbound links from other relevant websites as two most important factors in search viability. Poorly written content will impact your SEO efforts to a great extent. Content writing requires some of your creative writing skills. Often issues like writer’s block can be barriers for writers to provide quality and informative content, thanks to the advanced tools now available to improve your content writing skills.

Are you a content writer or digital marketer looking for better ways to improve your writing skills? Check out these content writing tools that will help you to produce highly engaging and grammatically perfect content.

Here is a list of 25 great tools that can help to improve your writing skills.

1. Daily PageIf you would like to develop the habit of writing every day, but not sure to what to write about, Daily Page is the right tool for you. This tool gives you writing prompt every morning, which you can respond to by writing, creating a daily writing routine. You can either make your response public or keep it private. It also provides helpful writing courses

2. 750 WordsDedicated to helping writers build healthy writing habits, this exercise-based tool tracks your word count until you reach the daily 750-word limit. The program also provides writers with feedback on how well they are doing, such as providing information of writing speed, and how often they get distracted.

3. QuoraDesigned in a question/answer format, Quora is a great place to go for crowdsourced answers outside your network. Just search for a keyword and you will get ideas for an upcoming one. Also you can post questions of your own and target industry experts that can provide you with great information.

4. HubSpot ComposerHubSpot Composer is a distraction-free writing tool that helps you easily turn your brainstorm ideas and research notes into a blog post. This content writing tool in fact format drafts into blog posts. Just copy and paste your text from Microsoft Word or Google Docs into Composer, and it will automatically reformat them for blog publication.

5. Google DocsGoogle Docs is an easiest way to share one’s work with anyone else online. This platform allows real-time and immediate editing between a group of people. Also you can be sure that you won’t lose your work, as Google docs auto saves to the cloud.

6. GrammarlyConsidered to be the world’s most accurate grammar checker, Grammarly runs in the background and underlines any grammatical errors as you type. This is an ideal tool for content writers who are not that good with grammar. It also comes with a contextual spell check that provides correct spellings and vocabulary enhancement that improves readability.

7. Help Me WriteThis tool helps to write quality content and topics for your targeted audience. With this tool, writers can post ideas of what they wanted to write about and share those ideas via social media platforms as well as email. This helps to get a response from your audience itself, thus choosing a better topic.

8. Blog Topic GeneratorIf you are not able to come up with unique and engaging blog topics, use this tool. Just type in three keywords in the Blog Topic Generator and it will auto-generate five fresh topics for your post. If you need more suggestions, click “Try Again” and you will get five more topics. Choose the best one.

9. Content IdeatorThis topic generator tool helps to create viral topics based on reader’s preference. Once the keyword has been entered, the tool shows you similar posts published on that topic. Choose the title by checking which one has a large number of likes and was shared more on social media platforms.

10. Twords – This tool is the right one for bloggers to write consistently. It has been proven that companies regularly writing quality content get the most web traffic and leads. In this tool, you can enter how many words you wanted to write and then Twords will push you until you get it done, thus motivating you to write more.

11. TrelloTrello helps to collect content ideas and you can organize them in to some unique content later on. For content managers, this tool can do a lot. They can assign these ideas to team members, add due dates and also keep track of the status of each project.

12. Hemingway AppThis tool helps to make your content easily readable. You can drop your content into the tool and click the edit button. It evaluates your writing with a grade and provides suggestions on improving readability with ways to make it simpler.

13. oTranscribeFor content that includes an interview, oTranscribe is an excellent free web application. It makes transcription process much less painful, providing more time for your writing and analysis. You can also choose to export it to plain text or Google Docs.

14. Tomato TimerTomato Timer is a tool that helps to stay focus on your writing, thus improving productivity. This simplest app consists of a timer that counts down from 25 minutes to zero and then starts to beep. You work until the timer stops.

15. ZenPenAvoid distraction with this tool’s minimalist writing zone. This zone is a blank writing space just like Microsoft Word which features to help you stylize the text, add hyperlinks and quotes.

16. Power Thesaurus – This user friendly crowded thesaurus dictionary helps to improve your vocabulary, helping you create more engaging content. When you type a word, you will get alternative word choices provided by a large community of writers.

17. Twinword Writer – It often happens that you may get stuck on a word. For writers using Twinword Writer tool, it will evaluate the context of their writing and provides alternate words to use.

18. Prompts – For those writing using their iPhone, this iOS app provides suggestions, tracks stats about your writing habits and also allows you to arrange the best day and time to write based on those stats.

19. BrainyQuote – If you are looking for a quote to include in your writing, this tool helps. It is a library with millions of interesting quotes on various topics from writers, politicians as well as other famous persons.

20. AtomicWriter– This easy to use tool helps to write specifically for your targeted readers by providing insights on your blog or article that was just published. It also automatically schedules content to social media calendar.

21. ProWritingAid – This content evaluation tool comes with diverse features such as grammar and spell checker, plagiarism checker, overused words detection, cliché locating tool, and more.

22. Correctica – It is an editing tool that triple checks your content before you click “Publish”. It checks grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes as well as plagiarism, thus making content readable.

23. DraftsSimilar to Google Docs, you can use this “Uber for copyediting”tool to edit your content, share it with any one, and manage your friends’ suggestions.

24. Cliché Finder – This web based application helps you find anything you missed, just like the words need to be replaced, based on the keyword you place.

25. Listly – This tool helps you to call audience to contribute to your list. The community in this tool can then vote on list items to move them up the list.

If you think there are more tools for content writing other than the ones mentioned above you can post them in the comments section.

What is the Scope of Content Writing in India

Although content writing is the buzzword for some years now, it is not something new. Content is communicating information and we have been communicating for eons in many forms.

Our ways and platforms of communication have changed drastically over the last two decades. Content writer is anyone who develops original content and puts it in a form understandable by others.

If you have created posts for Facebook or written a blog or tweeted, then you are a content writer too! Of course being a professional content writer entails something more. But we all do what a content writer does in a professional way.

Content for business marketing was implemented as far back in the eighteenth century by Benjamin Franklin when he published his yearly paper. In early 2000s search engines gave birth to SEO copywriters who finally evolved into content writers.

As Google rewarded quality content and penalized spammy content people now wanted professionals to write content.

What do Content Writers Do?

What do Content Writers Do

  • Content writers research on the topic they have been given. Information gathering and research is a big part of content writing and takes up more time than writing the article.
  • Content writers may also conduct interview and read through academic papers for information not available online. Sometimes content strategy may also be a part of their role.
  • Content writers also have to be content curators. This means that they have to know all the sources of interesting and credible information. They can either re-post them or arrange it at one place for readers.
  • Content writers can specialize in various platforms. A content writer could write for business blogs, websites, corporate communication, PR articles, product descriptions etc.
  • Content is also developed for videos and podcasts as they are popular forms of media now.
  • One can also hire content writer based on his or her knowledge on a particular topic. Some content writers specialize in ecommerce, technology, health & beauty, finance etc.

Importance of Quality Content

Importance of Quality Content

Digital marketing has changed the rules of traditional marketing. A professional content writer has to develop content that is engaging and drives people to the desired action. Content is the foundation of digital marketing.

Marketers no more invest in invasive marketing like distracting banners and print ads as people totally ignore them. The focus is rather on providing value added content to attract target market.

Content is at the heart of this new strategy. Businesses want to provide a lot of value content to their prospects before asking them to buy their products.

Scope of Content Writing in India

Because of the reasons stated above, ever increasing number of businesses are hiring content writing agencies to manage their content. Consider the below stats to understand the scope of content writing and its importance:

1. Content leaders drive 7.8 times more traffic than others according to Neil Patel

Content leaders drive 7.8 times more traffic than others according to Neil Patel

2. 56% of marketers believe that customized content leads to higher engagement rates and increases brand recall. (IBM Digital Experience survey, 2015)

3. Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing is three times more effective (DemandMetric)

4. Brands that invest in content marketing have a six times higher conversion rate.

5. 73% of organizations hire content strategist to manage their content.

These statistics makes clear that content is in high demand and the opportunity for a content writer is tremendous.

Attributes of Quality Content

Following are indicators of good quality content. Great content is:

Simple and understood by the people. A good content writer explains even the most complex concept in a lucid style.

Credible – All information must be factually correct and free of any plagiarism. Sources of all statistics and data must be given.

Interesting – It must grip the audience and command their attention

Personalized – Content is always directed towards a target audience. The content must represent the brand it speaks for and speak directly to the visitors.

Engaging – Audience engagement is measured by shares, likes and comments on the post. For this the content must be valuable to the readers and worth sharing with their friends who have similar interests.

Additional  Skills

There are some additional skills that are helpful for website content writing. Knowledge of SEO and link building will ensure that the content written will rank better on search engines. Skill of copywriting will also give better results for content marketing.

Content writing is part of content marketing as a whole. The more the content writer knows about marketing, strategy, social media and inbound sales funnel the better it is.

The Future of Content Writing

This is what the future holds for content writers in India

Visual Content

People today prefer to consume content in visual format. Videos and infographics are preferred over text. Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and gets more than 3 billion searches a month! Infographics are three times more likely to be shared on the social media.

This is the reason why all of the major blogs are shifting to short videos or podcasts instead of text post. This is only a change in the presentation of content and the content developed by content writers remains same.

However, having knowledge of video production and storyboarding will help content writers to write for visual formats.

Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that AI is going to replace many job functions in near future. AI also has solutions for content writing. There are already software like Spinnerchief that write complete articles within minutes for you. They even scan web articles for best keywords to come up with search optimized article.

Serious content marketers are not using these software currently as they are not up to the mark in human readability and quality. However, some content writers are using such software to support their writing in research and SEO efforts.

We may see AI supporting or even completely taking over content writing in near future. Content writers will have to grow their capabilities to creative content strategy and storytelling in such a world.

How to Find Quality Web Content Writing Services for Small Businesses in India

Quality content can transform the way businesses interact with customers. Good content, better SEO rankings, and greater online visibility are crucial factors that decide your business’ fate. Good content marketing strategies are ideal for companies of any size and especially for small business. Several SEO companies in India provide content writing services. But it is critical to choose the right service that meets your requirement.

Consider certain factors before choosing a content marketing service for your business

  • Accuracy – Accurate information is what readers are looking for, which helps them make better decisions. Check whether your content marketing agency can provide reliable content.
  • Quality – Quality content can convert traffic into sales. Judge the quality of services provided by the chosen company. Content should be unique and engaging, it should also offer value to your customers. Make sure that the files should pass through plagiarism checks.
  • Experience – Check out the company’s official website and list of clients they worked with and request for few samples. Read the testimonials. Also have a clear idea about the content marketing strategies they offer and make sure that these strategies would be of help for your online business.
  • Editing and proofreading – Not only writing, editing should also be good. Understand the companies policies related to editing and revision. Checkout if there are limitations for the revisions to be done.
  • Cost – Before signing up for their service, check out the costs. Compare their rates with their competitors. You can also request for a Free Trial.

Ideal Content Writer–Qualities to Check

Professional copywriting companies provide services of experienced and skilled writers who can communicate intelligent and powerful messages to your potential customers in the most effective manner. The success of an online marketing campaign mainly depends on your writer. Make sure that the writer assigned for your project can-

  • Understand your business and provide suitable content that satisfies your customers as well as search engines. They should have a clear knowledge of your services or product.
  • Create newsworthy content that your target audience will be looking for. They should be patient enough to do a lot of research and provide educative stuff, which is current too.
  • Improve your content’s structure such as H1 headings, bolding and anchor text, which can boost your SEO ranking. They should also create effective title tags that incorporate keywords associated with your service.
  • Add proper URLs as it can be an effective way to provide readers with right information and guide them to other engaging content. Improper URLs can hurt your search engine rankings. Use social media sites effectively for your marketing purpose. Their quality blog posts should help you get connected to more people through social media platform, thus receiving more traffic and improving your search engine visibility.
  • Include relevant meta descriptions that is typically 150 characters or less that are rich in relevant keywords. This description will often appear when people share your articles across other websites and social channels.
  • Know the standard keyword to text ratio. They must make sure to use low-competition long-tail keywords in a perfect amount.
  • Meet your deadlines by providing required content at the right time.

Not all services suit your specific business. Keep all those factors discussed above, before choosing a content writing service for your business. Also monitor their work progress and make sure whether it is providing positive results for your website’s search engine ranking.

How Successful Content Writing makes Marketing Easier


As you might know, Content Writing Services are the key to success for modern marketers. In fact, publishing relevant content will boost the marketing efforts of businesses. Unfortunately, many marketers are still sceptical about the possibilities of Content Marketing. We are going to introduce some aspects of content writing via this blog.

Here are some tips to be a successful marketer via Content Writing in Mumbai.

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1. Create Feasible Goals

Content creation should be in such a way to meet your business goals. Make sure that your content has the quality to achieve desirable targets. A clear strategy with pre – defined goals is crucial for any successful venture. Content performance and production should be included in these strategies.

Usually businesses assign certain targets to their employees to ensure quality services. But you should think beyond that to excel in Content Marketing. Besides assigning target to your marketing staff you have to adopt ways to increase shares and clicks for your content. You can create maximum number of posts by brainstorming original ideas. Remember, creativity is always improvement of the original.

2. Try Out Crazy Ideas!

Content Marketing doesn’t give you impressive results unless you try out different strategies. As you might know content writing doesn’t have permanent rules to attract audience.

You should create content according to the changing trends. You can’t say what works in marketing until you attempt something. So, never hesitate to take risks. After all, successful marketing is all about taking risks.

Come out of your comfort zone and think about crazy content ideas. Just think what makes things go viral on social media sites. It’s nothing but crazy ideas that go viral on these sites.

3. Record your Content Strategy

Most of us create content in order to drive hits and conversions. If you are following the same pattern, then you are on the wrong path for sure. Unless you have a clear content strategy and editorial vision your content marketing efforts are in vain. A sensible content strategy and editorial vision will give you an upper hand in every stage of marketing and the purchase funnel. This will give an idea on which subjects your brand should speak in order to enlighten your audience.

Ensure you record your content strategies and share with your whole team. A recent survey by Content Marketing Institute reveals that businesses which fail to fare in online marketing lacks a clear content strategy. So, don’t let your content marketing efforts go in vain! Give professional touch to everything you do.

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4. Know your Audience

When you are into online marketing, make sure you have a clear picture of your audience. Your content creation and audience should be aligned in such a way to meet your goals. If it is not like that, you should reinvent your content writing strategies.

Suppose your objective is to help people planning to start a successful Data enterprise. Obviously, entrepreneurs or start ups might be your audience. Unless you know their goals and intentions, you can’t create a winning content about Data enterprises. In order to achieve content marketing momentum, it’s crucial to create engaging content for your audience.

5. Know the Trends and Stay Updated

You might think that hiring a reputed a content writing service is enough for successful online marketing. Truth to be told, it’s a wrong assumption. They need your ideas and support to boost your Content Marketing efforts.

It’s seen that many people left the writing to the Content Writing Services thinking that they will take care of your whole marketing efforts. Never do this if you need to make your marketing easier with content writing.

Find some time to discuss your ideas with the members of your content writing service. Subscribe some business publications and get updated what’s trending in the market. Tell your agency what you really want in your content. This will help them to publish content in tune with your business goals.

We hope these tips will be useful for your marketing efforts. So, explore the possibilities of content writing and be a successful marketer.