What is the Future of B2B Content Marketing in India

What do you think is the future of content from a marketing point of view? How are marketing teams preparing for the sudden upsurge in the demand for B2B content?

How is the world of content marketing expected to evolve in the coming years and what is it that companies must do to stay in-sync with the developments? These are some common questions running in the minds of several business owners.

The world of content marketing has grown bursting with energy. Leading tech players are hiring screenwriters. Content providers are flourishing.

Businesses are constantly battling to create more creative content and design. The strategy of marketing teams is focused more on content marketing plans with the ROI of white papers and blog posts increasing.

The digital marketing community sees content as something that is here to stay. This is primarily because content is, at the end of the day, one of the best and most influential ways of engaging with the target audience at a human level.

It helps to explore new concepts and innovations. It helps to learn new skills and sends out an inspiration to all those reading it.

Content marketing is expected to become more powerful in the coming years. What’s more is the way it is being used. Here are some predictions on how the future of B2B content marketing will shape in India:

Personalized Content

Any marketer would know that there is a plethora of information available online, however, the number of hours with the target audience has reduced significantly.

Readers have shorter attention spans and therefore their demands are changing.

If marketers wish to make an impact and reach out to their target audience in the best manner possible, they must generate personalized, relevant content.

This content must clearly and concisely answer the reader’s query in a short reading time. Technology is also evolving to help marketers appropriately personalize content giving it the right outcome.

Quality is Priority

The same kind of content is being generated by all marketers for the same sets of target audiences. Relevant content is being created by just about everyone and that’s not enough to gain the eyeballs.

Then, how do you get yourself noticed? You need to ensure that your content is high-quality and what you are creating is some of the best resources in your industry. Here are a few key points that can help you churn useful content:

  • Identify the pain points of your industry and offer appropriate solutions. Please note, readers are looking for quick solutions and therefore, you must focus on these.
  • Examples, testimonies, experiences, and case studies have a great impact on the target audience since they are relatable and strike a chord.
  • Act as a content curator providing detailed information about a particular topic using relevant links.
  • Surprise your readers with a list of tactical tips that offer great solutions.

Gone are the days when mediocre content could attract the attention of your target audience. Your content now must be simply ‘amazing’.

Focus on the UX

The success of content marketing will also depend on how your content is presented. Imagine the different situations and moments in which readers are likely to access your content – while commuting to the office, waiting at the doctor’s clinic, just before going to bed, or during their free time at work.

They would sometimes just have a few minutes and at other times have hours. Your UX must be designed in a manner that the content can be scanned and scrolled easily not causing any kind of distractions and disturbances to the reader.

The way you frame your content marketing strategy today will have a great impact on your ROI in the future. Set out to create fewer yet impactful content pieces that can be elaborated upon later.

Content marketing is changing and you need to adapt yourself to the changing strategies. However, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Tailor the content as per the requirements of your target audiences and half the battle is won.


20 Reasons Why No One is Reading Your Website Content

Nobody wants to accept that their content is weak and not deserving to be read. After all, why would anyone write something that is utterly useless? However, there’s still a lot of content on the web that does not attract the target audience.

Read this article to know and understand why some of your website content is not being read and why is it that your audience is not being able to relate to you:

1. Repetition

A lot of websites just repeat the content that is already available in Google searches. If a consumer can find the same topic and the same angle on a blog post through Google search, why would the audience need to visit your website?

Most content on the web is just information that’s reformatted with keyword stuffing, unnecessary links, and ads and that’s where the interest is lost. We are not recommending you to invent something new but refrain from using the same top 10 tips that everyone has already been talking about.

2. Excessive Use of Product Name

Some website owners tend to write their product name over and over in an attempt to register it in the minds of the consumer. However, more mentions of the product in a small piece of content weaken the overall readability of the piece. Consumers tend to view it as forced promotion and you lose their interest.

3. More Focus on We

Content today is over-emphasizing on the brand and company itself. Statements that position the brand before the customer appears as excessive bragging leading to a frustrated reader. Try and eliminate the ‘I’ and ‘We’ from your marketing material.

4. Need to Upgrade

Website content may seem outstanding at the time of development. However, with changing market dynamics, innovations in technology, and new research, it is important that you update the obsolete information. Content must regularly be made fresh and relevant.

5. Eliminate the Obvious

Writing something that is obvious and the target audience is already aware of is an act that makes your content weak. Nobody will spend time reading your content if you say exercising regularly is important to lose weight or cutting down on your expenses can help to save money. Get rid of such obvious facts and bring in content that is advantageous for the readers.

6. Long Introductions

Some blogs start with an introduction to the topic that lasts around two paragraphs before the actual answer begins. This is more like the filler and can be avoided. If you skip these paragraphs and get to the most important information, it will help to keep the reader glued to your webpage.

7. Engage

Your topic may not be interesting but the way you write the content must be. It must have emotion, enthusiasm, a story, or a voice that adds a humanistic appeal to your content. Readers will only convert if they get excited after reading your content.

8. Monotonous

Long-form content is suitable for research papers and dissertations. Your website content must have a combination of video, text, images, music, and other elements that can break the monotony and keep the target audience interested.

9. Every Article is a Listicle

You must have come across articles like ’10 ways to lose weight’, ‘5 tips to grow your hair long’ etc. While these were a trend as finding information through a listicle was easier, avoid getting obsessed with it. Every article that you post must not be in the form of a listicle.

You need to provide the reader with a mix of educational, concise, precise, and appropriate information that helps them enhance their knowledge.

10. Misleading Content

Some webpages do not deliver the content that it promises in the title. If that is the case, your reader would just be deflected from your website and would not want to come back for any kind of further information.

11. False Information

There isn’t anything worse than providing wrong information. Google allows every reader to cross-check what has been mentioned by you and if you have written something incorrectly, it will completely kill your content and your website.

12. Lack of Appropriate Sources

An important aspect that most marketers ignore is to cite appropriate references and sources. Data used from trusted sources instead of editorializing helps to establish credibility. Credibility then leads to trust and it results in loyal customers.

13. Track the Length

Several discussions and forums have been created on the appropriate length of a webpage. There have been conclusions in favor of a 500-word post as well as a 1500-word post stating that they both can keep the reader interested as long as the content fulfills its purpose.

Content must value the time a reader is spending on the blog and therefore provide information that is worthwhile.

14. Relevancy

Every word on your website must be relevant to your brand, its products, and services. Bad content is irrelevant and customers are just not interested in reading it. If your content does not answer the real question and does not entertain, it will just fail.

15. Negativity

While stating the neutral facts related to your industry is good, putting your competitors in a negative light is not suggested. If you try to pull your competition down, they will try to do the same.

The outcome then would not be loyal customers but a battle between you and your competition resulting in continuous judgment by your target audience.

16. Fluff

Sometimes website owners add extra words to their content just to match with the design of the webpage and satisfy Google. However, these extra words can be noticed as fluff by the reader and tend to give a bad audience experience.

17. Selection of Words

Words used on the website must be compelling enough. Flowery words don’t always do the task and therefore, words selected must complement the goal of the content and must clearly convey the objective to the target audience.

18. Too Long, Too Boring

Most readers tend to exit the page if it has around 5000 words written on it. This is because they don’t have the time to read through the entire thing even if it provides the most factual, accurate, and relevant information.

It is therefore important to wisely break down the information into something that can be read easily and quickly. The same goes for large volumes of images and long videos.

19. Routine SEO

Sometimes content is just written to tick off the requirement in the SEO plan. Such a piece can easily be recognized and will fail at attracting organic traffic.

20. Not Mobile Friendly

The use of smartphones to access websites has increased tremendously. This means that your content must be mobile-friendly. The font and alignment must be such that readers can easily view it without having to zoom in or scroll left and right.


With the website content mistakes mentioned above, you may have realized what you need to fix. So, get going and make your content perfect so that viewers actually read what you want to say and then transform into customers.

Winning Clients and Influencing Markets through Content Marketing in Mumbai

As per recent reports, content marketing has doubled in terms of popularity in the past couple of years. You would have noticed the term being mentioned frequently in marketing circles.

Content marketing in Mumbai has proved to be an incredibly valuable technique for attracting target clients and influencing the market. If you have an active blog or website, you attract a target audience who specifically looks out for your content. This traffic is of high value to you.

By employing some smart strategies, you can do more than just targeting a few clients. You can increase brand awareness and reputation. Content marketing is highly beneficial for improved SEO rankings as well. If you are not employing online content marketing, then you are missing out on a huge audience.

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Content Quality

To attract audience, you need to avoid low quality content. You require content that is exceedingly informative and appropriately entertaining.

Content marketing has proved to be an effective method to communicate with probable customers without selling any product.

If you are aiming to create a high quality content marketing campaign, then it is important that you understand the value of associating yourself with videos.

It seems that everybody in this fast paced information era is easily distracted. Due to this reason, it has become mandatory to sustain the interest of blog visitors. This can be effectively done by making informative and entertaining videos.

Distribution of Content

After you have created informative content, distribution of the same is the next step. You can use social media, email marketing, blog commenting and more to assure that your content reaches a good number of relevant audience.

As for videos, you can add your videos to YouTube and Vimeo and include those links in your blog.

YouTube back links are among the most valuable as more and more value is being placed in videos.

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Back links and SEO

While using the likes of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook can be appropriately effective; article directories can be an equally potent option. High PR article directories will allow you to post content on their website. You would be able to include backlinks to previously written articles, blogs and website in such directory submissions.

Content Marketing in Mumbai Is Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why.

If you have come in contact with the online marketing world, the term “Content Marketing” might have grabbed your attention. The term’s popularity would have made you wonder what it is all about.

Content marketing is more than a popular buzzword. The concept of content marketing underscores a highly powerful technique for promoting a business on the Internet. If you create great content and market it the right way, your business will be presented with numerous potential customers.

Content marketing offers a huge number of channels for your marketing ideas. You can create video content, blogs, articles, press releases, infographics and many more distribute the same in numerous ways. Creating a content marketing strategy can be a game-changing moment for your business. Content marketing offers numerous advantages, but here are a handful of reasons to opt for the same if you are a localized business

Why hire a professional for Content Marketing in Mumbai?

Building Brand Awareness

Interesting content creates audience engagement, which spreads brand awareness. But for this to happen, your content should be relevant and of good quality. Any content you publish should reflect brand values.

Visual content such as videos, images, cartoons, comics and infographics are quite powerful in building brand awareness. They enable you to communicate your brand values with a potentially massive audience.

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Inbound Website Traffic

Marketing content is a powerful way of promoting your niche. It can bring customers to you rather than you going to them. With the right call to actions, individuals interacting with content can reach out to you as potential customers.

The best way to build quality inbound website traffic is to use your content to inform and teach your intended audience. Addressing pertinent issues, concerns and questions are considered to be the best way to achieve this particular target. Traffic coming from keyword specific articles can generate highly qualified leads.

Generating Natural Link Popularity for SEO

Quality content with the right marketing can reach to a wide audience, who would engage with it in different ways such as commenting, sharing, backlinking, etc. As a result, such content earns high level of authority. From an SEO standpoint, in case a web page holds a high level of authority, then outbound links coming from that particular page holds more value.

In case a content successfully generates a lot of buzz, in social media in particular, brings in a lot of traffic, and the SEO value of the content will increase drastically.

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So, these are 4 major advantages to using content marketing for your business.

In the current, highly competitive online business world, all 4 become crucial points for your success.

5 Incredibly Useful Tips for Successful Content Marketing in Mumbai for SMBs

Is your content marketing efforts not bearing fruit? There is a change in the rules of the game. Knowing the customer alone would not help. It’s about predicting their needs. Whatever content you promote – be it evergreen or tropical, fresh or seasonal it will be meaningless if it can’t provide your readers with excitement and the urge to read.

‘Content Marketing’ is one of those buzzwords people are talking about nowadays. In simple terms, it is the strategy to attract customers and retain them by creating valuable content. Here are some tips which you may follow for successful content marketing in Mumbai.

Business Strategy

Confirmed, fortified and planned business strategies are required before the start of content marketing. Off track starting point for lack of better work is one of the reasons why many content marketing strategies fail. Planned and systematic business strategies are required for success. Whimsical strategies will not do.

It is essential that you start with a business goal that is long term, say about 3 years or more. If your business outlook changes; learn to change the content strategies accordingly.

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Great writing skills

You have to pay a lot of attention to what people consume. Transforming the audience is the main goal of a professional writer. Great writers always help to see their audience through different perspectives, different eyes. With the help of their writings, you can change audience’ way of interacting online.

Learning to write for the audience is the best way you can be successful in this field. For, anyone making a complete sentence is not a big deal. Everyone can put words together and make complete sentences, but learning to create an impact through your writing is what a successful writer knows.

Valid Content

Every 24 hours, a minimum of 900,000 blogs alone are published and each minute, around 20 hours of video is added to YouTube. In such a competitive market, if you want to stand out, then you need to think outside the big box, something different, and something that others don’t think about. If you repeat the same content written by others there is no chance for you to succeed until and unless you already have a huge following. The quality of the content determines your dedication.

Personality Factor

A content connects to us more if it has a voice and personality behind it. On a corporate website, no one likes to read content because it’s impersonal and merely conveys information and nothing much.

Many content marketing strategies fail because they lack personality, emotion. The audience can’t relate to that. A powerful method of connecting with the audience is by infusing these elements into your content. Try to make your content scan able by using headlines, subheads, bold text which makes it easier for the audience to read it.

Thus, when they read, if they feel the parts catching their eyes are worthwhile, they will give it a read.

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Strong Headlines

Headlines can entice potential visitors to your content. So, try to write catchy headlines by following basic headline writing tips. If you don’t put a strong headline, there is every chance of your blog post being completely avoided by the audience. You won’t get much social media traction either. And there is hardly any chance for your white paper or PDF getting passed along.

It is more important in the field of Content marketing in Mumbai to be earnest, genuine and thoughtful than to be perfect. Minor flaws are forgivable, but wrong tone can cause online reputation management issues.

How a Content Marketing Agency in India is Beneficial for SMBs

As you might know, Content Marketing is the successful way of marketing for modern marketers. Many multi- national companies and popular brands have proved it as the most successful method of online marketing. Engaging and quality content has made remarkable changes in ROI’s of many popular brands.

Businesses, especially small businesses (SMB’s) and local businesses can improve the reach of their products with this innovative way of marketing. In fact, SMBs can stand out against their multi- national counterparts with the help of a Content Marketing Agency. But many marketers are still sceptical about the possibilities of this innovative marketing technique.

We are going to discuss how a Content Marketing Agency in India can help businesses, especially SMBs.

More Traffic to your Site

Right Content Marketing strategies can drive inbound traffic to your site. When people need a solution for a particular problem, they will google for it. If they get a solution from your website in the form guides, infographics, videos, etc., more people will visit your site again and again. Most probably, they will turn into your potential customers in the long run.

A Content Marketing Agency has the expertise to customize content according to the interests and needs of audiences. Professional content writers in their team know the reader psychology precisely owing to their past experiences with various clients. If your audience feels that your content is tailored to their interests and needs, they will trust you and your products as well.

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Brand Awareness

Publishing fresh and interesting content on your website will make your audience closer to your brand. Quality content reveals your attitude as well. If you can share your opinions on various topics via blogs, people will consider you as a thought leader. People always remember individuals who share impressive ideas.

If they like your ideas, definitely they begin to like your brand. Promote your content on social media, this will make you opportunities to connect with your target audience. If they are pleased with your content, they discuss it with their friends and followers, which help you reach even more people.

As you know, it is not easy for small businesses to rank against multi- national companies in search engine results. Building link popularity can help you improve your online visibility. If you publish quality content, people will link back to you. Hence, Content Marketing is crucial for your website to rank higher on a search results page.

Improved Leads and Sales

It’s obvious that if more visitors view your content, the chances are high for better conversions. If they are interested in your content, most probably they will become your potential customers in the long run.

People rely on website content and blogs before making purchase decisions. They really like to know more about your products and services. No matter whether you’re doing business in small scale or large scale, the purchase interests of people remains the same. Besides creating significant content to your company’s products and services, you should give an idea to your audience how they will benefit from doing business with you.

This will help you to make the impression that you are a trusted voice in the industry. People always like to buy from companies they trust.

Thought – Leaders always get Noticed

The more you publish relevant content, the more your audience will look to you as an expert in the industry, particularly if you can enlighten audiences with the right content that helps them to make purchase decisions.

If people consider you as a thought leader, they will approach you for the answers they need. To be precise, you will be their preference whenever they need an expert opinion. For small businesses, it’s an advantage. It shows your audience that you’re just as reliable as the reputed brands.

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Cost –Effective (Compared to Traditional Marketing)

Many reputed brands have proved that Content Marketing is the cost-effective way to get maximum business deals. Many businesses reveal that they are able to reduce half of their marketing costs with this innovative marketing method.

When it comes to small businesses, they can market their products more cost – effectively than more traditional forms of marketing. In fact, they can generate quality leads via inbound marketing with half of the money businesses usually spend on outbound marketing.

We hope that you understand the possibilities of Content Marketing. So, reinvent your business strategies with a Content Marketing Agency in India.

Top 6 Tips To Grow Your Content Marketing in Mumbai

As Content Marketing is making remarkable changes in ROI’s, it’s no longer just a trendy word for businesses. From startups to MNC’s, needs a sensible and professional Content Marketing strategy to meet their business goals. When it comes to online marketing, engaging is your watchword. Those who can engage the audience will succeed.

No matter the kind of business you are doing, whether it is business-to-business or business-to-consumer, if you follow a well- documented Content Marketing strategy you can transform your brand into a successful voice in the industry.

We are going to discuss 6 successful ways to improve your Content Marketing in Mumbai. Let’s have a look.

Think differently (Breaking Conventions)

Highly original content sets you apart from your competitors. So, think about including exceptional stuff on your Content Marketing strategy.

Say goodbye to uninteresting infographics and data documents. Instead, stand out among the popular brands by creating your own content in the form of ideas. If you are a thought leader people will recognize your brand as well. So, convert your simple observers into potential customers via engaging content.

Forget about conventions and create unusual content that has the chance to become viral.

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Think beyond blogs!

Some marketers think publishing blogs on a regular basis alone can bring in leads. If you are one among them, you are on the wrong path. Audience consider you as relevant only if you include different types of content in your Content Marketing Strategy such as  eBooks, social media posts, podcasts,  video blogs, etc.

Educate with Infographics

Publishing educational infographics can draw the attention of people. If it sounds informative people will appreciate your efforts. Sharing knowledge with your followers will be useful for your business in the long run.

Share your ideas with people before you ask them to pay for your services. This will ensure the involvement of your audience and most probably they will share your ideas. If more people share your content, more people will recognize your brand.

Your Approach Matters

For any venture, whether it is small or big, your approach determines its success. Always think ahead and outline your Content Marketing in such a way to meet your business needs.

Suppose you’ve to launch a new product and you want people to know about it. The information should catch the attention of maximum audience. How will you promote the impending date of launching?  You may have many suggestions in your mind. The most feasible action to launch a product would be teaser campaigns.

As you know, teasers can do wonders. It makes people enthusiastic to know what you have in store. Try to include compelling images and video content. This will help to build customer’s curiosity and eagerness. If your strategy is right, the result will be a winning product launching that converts into revenue.

Track your performance

A quality check is crucial to make sure that your Content Marketing efforts are up to the mark. Analyzing your performance on a regular basis will help you to revise your strategies if something is not working as expected. This will cement the bond between you and your audience.

Some of the aspects that require your serious attention are the bounce rate, number of visitors, leads converted into revenue, etc. Tracking all these details will help you know how much revenue generated from your strategy.

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Be versatile! Offer fresh content

Always, remember marketing via content is an innovative field. Your imagination plays a crucial role. So, experiment with your content and stay connected to the latest trends.

Think of all potential types of content to prop up your brand. The possible options may include videos, infographics, compelling images, texts, etc.  Observe which all things are giving you favourable results. Make necessary changes if something goes against your expectations.

It’s obvious that repetition of the content will attract users’ disapproval. So, avoid posting the same content that may lose engagement and will seriously affect your revenue. Be versatile and offer fresh content. Versatility is the key to success in any field.

Keep in mind all these 6 tips to grow an exceptional Content Marketing strategy in Mumbai. As people need quick, fun and shareable content in upcoming years, stay focused and create sensible content. Good luck!

How to Spot a Good Content Marketing Agency in India?

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is to pick a right Content Marketing Agency. The demand for content marketing services has increased the number of agencies offering a variety of content related services.

Truth to be told, many people offer content services, but a few of them know the essence of Content Marketing. It’s really tough to choose the perfect practitioners of this marketing technique.

If you want to create a successful brand, you should find a sensible marketing partner who can help you with right Content Marketing strategies.

You should consider many aspects while hiring an agency. Here are some tips that may help you to spot a good Content Marketing Agency in India.

  1. Strategic Capability is Important

A recent survey reveals that lack of a shrewd content strategy is affecting the content marketing initiatives of many brands. It’s evident from their ROI’s.

So, it’s crucial to choose a Content Marketing Agency that has powerful strategic capabilities. Analyzing the track record and methodologies will help you know their strategic capabilities.

Ask them to share their case studies and if possible contact their clients. Try to know if their content strategies have helped brands to get potential customers. In addition, make sure that their content marketing efforts are in such a way to meet your business goals.

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  1. Check Whether their Tools are Capable of Giving you Feasible Results

Before hiring an agency, you should make an attempt to know their tools that enhances marketing. Agencies use several methods to identify the progress of their marketing efforts.

You should make sure that their marketing efforts are in such a way to boost your ROI. Also, check whether they are able to identify problems and streamline your marketing efforts to achieve your business goals.

  1. Converse with the Team Members

It’s usually seen that businesses find an agency and sign the deal after meeting the head of the marketing team. In fact, this is a big mistake. You have to make sure that they have a strong project management system. You can confirm it by conversing with the members of their team.

Effective communication with your advertising partner is vital for the success of your brand. Ensure that the team members are experienced and they can communicate with you effectively on a regular basis. In addition, discuss your business goals with them. This will help them to meet the values of your brand.

  1. Marketing Technology Matters

As the competition is high, proficient marketing technology is crucial to survive. It can make a positive impact on your overall marketing efforts. It will help you measure the engagement of audience and find potential customers.

If you and your agency share a common technology, you should be careful about its user interface. It should be user friendly.

Marketing technology platforms help you to analyze the quality of Content Marketing efforts done by your marketing agency. So, if you have your own marketing platforms ask your agency how they are going to plug their campaign into it.

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  1. Know their Clients and Validate their Efficiency

Last but not least, let’s talk about the clients who became successful via their content marketing efforts. Many Content Marketing Agencies promise quality services, but you should check whether they are able deliver services on time.

You can ensure the efficiency of an agency by contacting their clients. They can tell you whether the agency is able to deliver quality services on time.

So, keep in mind all these aspects. We hope our blog will help you to spot a Content Marketing Agency in India that can work well for you. Good luck guys!

9 Ways Content Marketing in Mumbai Improves Advertising for Businesses

Nowadays, the demand for Content Marketing Services is at an all time high. Many brands proved it as a successful method for online advertising. Unfortunately, many businesses are still sceptical about the long term benefits of content marketing. Lack of awareness of this innovative method is one of the principal reasons.

If you are doing any online business and haven’t tried the possibilities of content marketing, you struggle a bit to survive among your competitors. As content marketing is one of the most feasible and successful marketing strategies used today, you should know about it in detail.

We are going to make you aware how Content Marketing in Mumbai can help businesses to improve advertising.

Here are 9 ways to improve advertising via Content Marketing

  1. More leads with more on- site content

It’s obvious that more content on the website will attract more users. Quality content gives room for your customers to become familiar with your brand. If they spend more time on your website because of your content, they will trust your products as well. As a result, you will get higher conversion rates. Quality content is the soul of content marketing; it will bring you quality leads.

To know more about blogging, see our blog Why is Blogging the Best Form of Content Marketing?

  1. Improved visibility in search engines 

Adding new blogs does not give you more search traffic. It will be another page in Google’s index. Google has some criteria to rank your blogs. Only quality pages can drive more search queries. Focusing popular keywords and topics that users frequently search for will lead potential customers to your website.

  1. Total domain authority via quality content

You can increase the expected authority, expertise, relevance and trust of your website by publishing high quality content. As quality content can attract more inbound links to your website, you will attain complete authority of your website’s domain. Truth to be told, higher domain authority is always associated with higher search rankings. So, you will find higher organic search visibility of your site with respect to the quality of content you produce.

  1. Increased referral traffic

Referral traffic is an integral part of your content marketing strategy. Your commitment towards guest blogging of your content strategy determines how much referral traffic you will get. When you do guest blogging, chances are high to link back to your site. Guest blogging might bring potential customers to your website.

So, always contribute your external publications on an engaging website with high traffic. This will bring you quality leads.

  1. More leads via social media

As you know, social media is an effective platform to get maximum exposure for your brand. Users share or like a blog only if the content is relevant and engaging. Interesting content can drive thousands of followers to your site. As a result, you are able to get the right customers.

  1. Improved conversion is possible (than ever before)

One of the principal reasons for publishing attractive content is to help, inform and engage your audience. Once they are interested in your content, you can easily introduce your products and services to them. If done thoughtfully, the number of conversions will increase considerably. Remember the keyword “thoughtfully”- never convert your content into an advertisement.

  1. Enhanced brand reputation 

Relevant and quality content is capable of creating an impression of your brand. If your audience finds your blogs informative and helpful, they will consider your brand as a thought leader. If your content is found in external platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. readers will consider your brand as more trustworthy.

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  1. Promising customer relationships

It’s indisputable that sensible content can improve the loyalty of your customer relationships. If you produce and share content on personal brands of individuals, readers will find you as a reliable source of information on product queries and gradually they develop a personal relationship with your brand. This will persuade them to buy your products as well.

  1. Economic marketing costs

As Content Marketing is cost- effective, secure and accessible for anybody irrespective of industries, businesses find no other effective medium for advertising. Many brands already claimed that they could reduce half of their marketing expenses with Content Marketing.

We hope these 9 ways make you know how Content Marketing in Mumbai helps businesses to improve advertising. So, if you do not invest in it yet, leverage your business with Content Marketing.