10 Distinct Benefits of Outstream Video Ads

As digitization steps in with its innumerable benefits, social media has grown by leaps and bounds. At this crucial point of time, marketing strategies are fast evolving new changes that could bring richer dividends.

Out-stream videos are the latest in this trend to bring in a new type of ad format, which would allow the publishers to display their video ads at different places in the content. Such videos appear in text line or in the web-page corners.

Although, out-stream videos have not gained massive popularity, the usage has now increased rapidly. As the publishers felt hurdles in the past in the creation of ads for the users, out-stream videos have brought a new lease of life, which would benefit both users and advertisers.

Let’s know about ten distinct benefits of out-stream videos.

Out-stream Videos ads- most dependable independent units

Out-stream videos work as independent units without becoming introduction to another video. For this, various distinguished publishers such as Mashable and Rolling Stone have begun using out-stream ads through in-read formats. What does it actually mean? Let’s understand.

When someone is going through an article, he or she would be able to watch an auto-play video. When the reader scrolls down the video, it simply leaves his or her area of vision. It also gives the reader another advantage to unmute the video in case he wants to listen.

Highest monetization of sites- a distinct advantage

Out stream ads allow publishers to monetize their sites without pestering the readers, which is a striking advantage. Moreover such ads have the catchy and cool formats with proven utilities to reach middle ground and bestow opportunity on the publishers to monetize their sites.

With these utilities, such videos would become immensely popular in the world of online video advertising in the upcoming years.

Unique positioning of ads in the editorial content – capable of running in any device

Out-stream ads have great innovative formats, which could position the video advertising in the center of the editorial content. Once the reader gets it inside his vision, the video begins playing. But it starts pausing, once it is less than 50% visible.

And it merges continuously back into the web-page as the reader completes viewing the content. The other distinct advantage of such videos is that it could run in every device, browser, and operating system without any problem.

Best usage in mobiles- handy and convenient

As research has shown already, highest number of readers prefers to read content via cell phones, out-stream ads run excellently on the mobile phones, especially on smart-phones.

Normally people spend more time in looking at the videos in their smart-phones, the out-stream videos have proven their efficacy.

Out-stream ads- more contextual and less insidious

As the customers have always felt that such videos appear almost like organic content, those are not invasive and naturally related to content.

It gives the liberty to the readers to view completely or partially and this advantage certainly adds worth to the overall content presentation, while adding value to the information presented in it.

Publishers enjoy out-stream ads the most- popular with brands, bloggers, and traditional media

Nowadays, all types of brands, bloggers, and traditional media have begun using out-stream video. As earlier, the readers were habitually going through grey text, addition of multicolored videos makes the content visual friendly and for this reason, the readers like to stay on the page for longer time.

Out-stream videos add dimension to story-telling- a new dimension to learning

Such videos have altogether added a new dimension to story-telling. It gives the readers alternative ways to explore. Making the information accessible to every learner, who is having problems such as lower reading skills, shorter spans of attention, and vision impairment, such ads have proven their mettle in the world of online advertising.

New way of presenting information- publishers’ delight

As the publishers have forever looked for ways to present information, out-stream videos have proven their worth in this area.

Just think of the online cooking videos, those are really great sources of passive learning. Watching such videos really adds fun as it is sometimes boring to browse a written recipe.

Unique solution for the marketing needs- complete engagement of audience

Out-stream impressions are completely unique as solutions because those do not come attached to any other content. Unlike You Tube ads, which begin even before the commencement of the videos, the out-streamed ads appear alone in the placement of ads in the articles of the websites.

This endows unique benefits on the ads to grab the attention of the audience, while the ads do not interrupt the viewing experience of the readers.

The advertisers have always found that such ads give great opportunities for their marketing needs. They have opined that such ads give them real opportunities to buy video solutions programmatically as those give better satisfaction to users.

Simply speaking, the business houses find the buying experiences of such ads extremely satisfying as their customers feel less disrupted, while they go through the content of the article.

Behavioral targeting-easier by out-stream ads

The out-stream ads enable the publishers to keep a list of videos to meet the rising demands of people, who want to place good but related ads in their content.

This helps the publishers to make the behavioral study of particular group of users and guides them to identify new chunks of essential users.

The following are the three distinct advantages that out-stream videos certainly bestow on the publishers and readers;

  • Improvement in viewing of a content
  • Better rate of clicking on the ads
  • Greater versatility in the placement of ads in the article

As a result more than 70% of advertisers and 77% of the agencies have found the out-stream ads to be uniquely effective and essential for their purposes.

Literally, such videos have brought a halt to search for new formats for making of videos that could enrich their efforts for developing engaging videos.



Top 7 Benefits of Blogging on Your Website

Most small business owners are confused whether to include blogging in their content marketing strategy. This is primarily because they do not know how they can regularly create high-quality content and the skills required for the same.

However, the fact is that investing in a content publication strategy can be extremely fruitful, leading to improvement in search visibility, leads, and conversions. Start your content strategy with a company blog and get ready to experience the top 7 benefits of blogging on your website:

  1. Enhances search engine traffic

Blogging is just like fishing – when you have more hooks in the water, chances to catch a fish are higher. Adding content to your website increases the number of pages indexed by search engines. Every new blog on your website gives you the opportunity to rank higher for keywords relevant in your industry. This further helps to enhance web traffic organically.

  1. Adds a voice and personality

Your home page or about page sticks to information about your business and the services you offer. A blog post, on the other hand, allows you touch on issues that are of interest to your prospects. It enables you to voice your opinions. It adds a human approach to your brand giving you a unique personality that clicks better with the target audience. The likeability quotient of the brand also improves.

  1. Assists with social media activities

Maintaining a social media presence requires a continuous generation of content. Most of the time, small business owners resort to sharing other people’s content on their own pages. While this is an effective strategy, it won’t take you far. You need to redirect people to your own website in order to be able to directly pull customers for your products and services. Sharing your own blog posts on your social media pages comes in handy here.

Additionally, blog posts help in creating email newsletters. Simply compile the blogs of last week or list the top 10 and shoot a newsletter to all your readers.

  1. Establish Authority

With a blog, you can position yourself as an expert in the industry. You can share information and insights related to the current trends and build trust among the target audience. A brand that has established authority through its content tends to familiarize with prospects and remains in their top-of-mind recall, thereby generating more queries and leads.

  1. Pulls up conversion rates

A blog with content updated actively shows that  the business is alive, updated and loved. This is why just having a blog is not enough. The blog needs to be updated with high-quality content regularly to establish brand loyalty. Customers see the expertise and innovation the brand brings to the table through their blog and helps to improve conversion rates.

  1. Helps with long-tail keyword rankings

If a website does not have a blog, ranking well for long-tail search queries will be a challenge. Regular industry-specific keywords can be easily taken care of; however, when it comes to targeted keywords with special search queries, content is vital. It is the only tool that helps you rank for the less commonly searched queries.

  1. Facilitates two-way communication

Blogging allows two-way communication. It gives users the opportunity to comment and interact with the brand on industry updates, company updates, and launch announcements. Any feedback from the customers can be recorded through the blog and getting an insight into the customers’ perspective is essential for the marketing team. Your next marketing initiatives can also be planned on the basis of the inputs you have received from your customers.


Blogging on your website is an important way to differentiate your business from that of the competitors. Sharing such content allows you to express your own words, your own thoughts and insights building a trust factor and connect with the target audience. This further impacts the search traffic and ultimately sales positively.

Blogging is more crucial for small business owners as it gives them the opportunity to compete with the big brands without spending much. Blogging is cost effective and you don’t have to set aside a large marketing budget to execute a content strategy.

5 Benefits of Featured Snippets in Google SERPs [Infographic]

Researches show that almost 30 % of Google search results have featured snippets.  According to Hubspot, content highlighted in featured snippets are more likely to be clicked over the first position on the search engine results page.  Content displayed in featured snippets are generally referred as ‘position 0’ in SEO terms. Normally this position is used to answer search queries or topics in a brief manner. Nowadays it matters obtaining the desired ‘position 0’ in the SERPs.

How about obtaining ‘Position 0’ in Google SERPs? Here is an infographic illustrating the benefits of featured snippets in Google SERPs.