New Changes In Facebook News Feed To Fight Fake News

It has been reported that Facebook is changing its News Feed in order to curb fake news. According to reliable sources the popular social networking platform is updating and adding signals to its ranking algorithm.

Facebook asserts, the new change in the news feed will help them to offer genuine content by reducing the posts that are misleading. To be precise, it is going to tackle the fake news problem.

These are the changes made by Facebook so far,

According to Facebook, here are some of the features changing now

Updating New Signals To Ranking Algorithm

Facebook assures that more authentic posts will appear in your News Feed with the new update to its ranking algorithm. It seems great, no? Now, you may think what is authentic news?

To make it clear, Facebook began by classifying pages to find out that any pages were publishing content in order to persuade users to like, comment, and share posts. Further, they used posts from those pages to identify if posts from other pages are authentic.

Real Time Signals Updated

News or posts which become popular within a short duration will also appear more in your News Feed.

For instance, suppose a popular team wins a game and lots of people are sharing their views about the game via posts, then those posts will get a short-term momentum.

Facebook believes that News visibility for most pages will find slight changes owing to these updates.

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