Facebook To Introduce Snapchat-Like Stories Function Into Their Main App

It’s reported that Facebook is going to introduce Snapchat like stories into their main app.Adding new stories option within Facebook itself will be a new experience for its 1.179 billion daily active users.

Though Instagram and Snapchat had introduced stories to its users earlier, with Facebook Stories, it is going to introduce Stories feature to a lot of people who aren’t aware of it. It’s because the total users of Snapchat and Instagram together is only less than half of Facebook’s 1.8 billion total active audience.

This clearly shows that there are audience who’ve never been exposed to Stories feature before. So, this would be an amazing experience for Facebook users.

It’s expected that Stories function would increase sharing activity on the platform. This feature could offer a new possibility for brands to generate reach on the platform.

Currently, Facebook Stories function is only available in Ireland as part of a trial.


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