It seems Google Maps is planning to add new features in the near future. According to a new report, a recent internal test build from Google Maps shows that it might include some location sharing features.

As per the report by Ausdroid, the new internal Google Maps version includes a “friends” section in the menu so that users can show their friends where they are currently located. The app also permits you to add new friends and others to be removed from the list. Additionally, there is a “navigation sharing” option in the app’s settings.

Ausdroid added that there is a “hands free faster route “ option available, it will ask users to say “Yes “ or “ No” in order to find an easier route to reach the destination. It is reported that Google is working to store searches and direction data offline, which could make Google Maps run faster.

Remember, this report is based on an internal test build of Google Maps. Anyway, it would be great news for users if the future updates include all these features.


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