The recent trend shows that video is rising as the king of content. Facebook has recently launched 360 video feature to the Facebook Live experience. It is reported that Facebook introduces the first live 360 video in collaboration with National Geographic.

In fact, Facebook has introduced Live video feature in 2015, which was primarily accessible to celebrities and public figures. Later it was available to all users with several updates. Facebook has also launched their 360 videos last year.

Facebook felt that incorporating these two new features was inevitable. According to them:

“Live video on Facebook gives people an immediate, authentic window into what’s happening in the world right now; 360 video immerses viewers fully into the scene, letting them explore on their own and experience a new environment. We’re excited to combine these two formats with Live 360 video. Live 360 transports people into new experiences—right as they happen.”

It is also noted that YouTube had been supporting 360 live streaming since April 2016. They had also launched 4K 360 live streaming last month. It seems, the battle for live streaming and 360 videos is ongoing.

So, let’s wait to know how marketers and advertisers will make use of Facebook’s live 360 video to attract customers in coming years.


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