Why Successful Content Writing is not as Easy as its Assumed to be

content writing services

The demand for content marketing services is at an all time high. With most of the global as well as local brands jumping into the digital/content marketing wagon, it comes as no surprise. In fact,

“just like water is the elixir of life, content is the elixir of online success”

But people unfamiliar with content marketing services seem to assume that successful content writing is quite an easy job. But is that so?



To understand that, we need to know what makes content writing successful. A lot of digital marketers assume that writing huge articles to gain search engine visibility makes content successful. Another section of marketers might think that well researched articles make your content successful.

But take a look at the content produced by brands such as Buzzfeed, Coca Cola, Mcdonalds that has been the most successful. One realizes that the above mentioned traits are not necessary for succesful content.

So, what are the core traits of successful content?

Marketers would probably say a lot of things – a good headline, ideal length, user-friendliness, etc. But when stripped to the bones, only three things matter. They are:

  • Is it Engageable?

  • Does it have Shareability?

  • Can it Convert?

content writing services

If your content makes them think its share-worthy and gets enough conversion, then you have successful content.

Now, lets go back to our initial question

Why is successful content writing not easy?


you need to ensure that each and every piece of your content can engage your audience and make them share; all the while, having conversion as the final goal.

It doesn’t matter how many blogs say that you just need to write the most researched and valuable content, that is not going to be true. You need content that is interesting and talks to you. Informs you. Enlightens you.

This makes successful content writing a skill that requires practise and perseverence.

It is a blend of reader psychology, subject knowledge and good language.

content writing services

Does experience have a role in this?


Writers need to have a certain level of experience before they can write such quality content. Experience not in terms of time, but in terms of actually creating and experimenting with content.

As a writer, not every type of content would suit you. You might be a blogger, an article writer, a script writer, a social media specialist, a copy writer, technical writer, a long form specialist or a content marketing services writer with all of these skills. But you need to identify your strengths, weaknesses and develop your own voice. It is a continuous process.

“Learning never ends for a content writer.”

This is exactly why most digital marketing services cannot replicate the content marketing success of bigger brands. There is an acute shortage of quality writers who understand the essence of content writing and its ultimate goal.


Digital marketers working with SMBs either hire a freelance writer or take in inexperienced writers inhouse.

Either way, they are not utilizing the full potential of content.

As more brands are jumping into digital content marketing, the volume of content created everyday is huge. To get the attention of readers among such competition, the quality of content needs to be really good. With writers who doesn’t produce compelling content, you are just adding to the volume.

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With time, search engines, including Google are focusing on content that the user wants. If your content has the traits of successful content, you wouldn’t have to worry about getting visitors. All you will need is an initial exposure to kickstart the activity. The well-formulated content will take care of the rest.

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