What Kim Kardashian Can Teach You About Social Media Marketing

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If you’re a Netizen, Kim Kardashian needs no special introduction. As you know, she is the star of popular reality show “Keeping Up with the Kadarshians”. She runs a clothing line shop popularly known as DASH store. She even published a successful app on her name.

She has taught the online world how selfies work as a promotional tool for any brand. She even published a book on selfies describing her success.

Last year, a silly photo of her kissing her husband managed to get 2.4 million likes via Instagram. It sounds interesting, no?

What magic she is doing with social media? Why other popular brands and celebrities fail to achieve such kind of success? Should social media marketing services have something to learn from this hot online superstar?

Here are five social media lessons businesses can learn from the sexy online enchantress Kim Kardashian:

Get involved in social media passionately

If you analyze Kim’s career you can find she never misses an opportunity to praise social media as a fuel for her success. Kim teaches you, love social media and do every activity passionately, meaning, get involved in social media sites by sharing intimate details of your life with your friends and followers. This will really shake the minds of people.

In fact, Kim allows people the possibility to interact with her in a platform both she and her followers loved. She deliberately tries to involve her audience into her personal life. For instance, she always seeks the opinion of groups on petty things like which face cream to buy, yada yada yada. This will make her followers feel that she treats them as a part of her life.

Always keep in touch

There might be good days and bad days for you. Sometimes you don’t want to engage with people and love to remain into your shells. But Kim never does this. She loves to interact with people irrespective of her mood changes and keeps the conversation going. Literally, it is hard to show such kind of commitment, but it will reward you in the long run for sure.

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Empower women (crossing international boundaries)

If she’s pregnant and beautiful or pregnant and complaining, with make-up or without make-up, whatever it is, despite of her state, Kim Kardashian can motivate and instill confidence in the minds of women from all over the planet to believe in themselves and take delight in work, interests, family time.

Stick to some healthy values

As far as Kim is concerned, she gives primary importance to her family. People all over the world give importance to moral values. When you look for a role model, you appreciate their consistency and healthy values. Like that, Kim has evolved as a successful online marketer because of her consistency and values.

Businesses and social media marketing services have to learn a lot from her. There is nothing wrong if Kim is the role model for their business tactics.

Social media: A catalyst for your brand

Social media do not create personal brands very often, but you can use it as a vehicle for popularizing your brand. Truth to be told, Kim didn’t become a celebrity because of social media sites. Her personal brand makes her a celebrity. She used social media as an efficient tool to promote her brand.

In fact, she wants to convert her brand a well-defined one. She made more people addicted to her brand by conversing with her fans with this efficient communication channel.

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It’s seen that many brands sending their social media marketing team to study how to engage with their followers. Actually, it’s a sheer waste of money. You guys just think how Kim Kardashian did marketing via social media; it’s nothing but common sense. So love your followers, don’t hesitate to share your details with them and yeah, keep the conversation going!

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