Two Secret Ingredients for SEO Success


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the best known methods to create visibility and attract visitors to your website. In today’s fast paced world, where everyone is hard pressed for time, it comes as no surprise that people visiting search engines do not go past the first page of search results. So, it is extremely important to ensure that your site is properly optimized to appear on top positions in the search results. If your site isn’t equipped to do so, you might end up losing countless opportunities and potential customers. So, what is that will make your SEO campaign a success?  Read on, to know the two secret ingredients that are sure to make your SEO campaign a success.

Internal Linking:

Probably the most underrated, a good internal linking structure is also one of the most important SEO measures. Wondering why internal link building is so important? Well! It is because of the way search engines derive their results from. Search engines do not consider websites as a whole. Rather, they rank and index individual pages that are part of the entire web structure.

So it essentially means that when someone searches for a particular keyword, your homepage will not be listed, but the particular page where the keyword occurs will be ranked. This is where internal linking comes in. You have to consider every page of your website, every blog post or article as a landing page for visitors. And you have to make sure that each of these pages has links to your website. Without these links you will end up locking your customers to that particular page and will lose traffic and rankings as well.  Therefore, it becomes extremely important to think of internal linking as an essential SEO tactic.

Internal linking is a sure shot way to encourage your customers to visit your other pages or to showcase other products that you have to offer. So, to rank more consistently on search engines, make sure all your landing pages are properly equipped with both internal and external links. If you are keen on promoting a particular product or an event, then make sure you push the links to the landing page on social platforms, create content like blogs and articles with internal links that will feed back to the landing page. All these internal linking will boost your page to rank in search engine results.


Another secret ingredient that works wonders is blogging. Whether you are looking at driving traffic to your website or improving your SEO campaign, a blog is a necessity for SEO success. If you already have a component for blog on your website, then you job is half done. But, if you don’t have one, then it’s time to start one. While having a blog is one thing, maintaining it with regular and relevant posts is another. A blog that is active and updated on a regular basis reaps the maximum SEO benefits. As stated earlier, internal links are a major ranking factor for SEO. Naturally appearing links or those created by third parties are favoured by search engines. Inbound links that you create to divert back to your website do more harm than good. So, blogging is the best way to earn consistent natural inbound links.

Not only do blog posts ensure SEO friendly inbound links, but they also generate steady traffic over a period of time. One thing you have to ensure for this to happen is to make your content evergreen. Whenever you publish a blog and promote it through social media or other platforms, you will see a sharp increase in the traffic. This trend will gradually decrease and may not reach that peak point again. However, it doesn’t mean the end of all for the blog. It will still continue to generate traffic at smaller spurts. So, as long as your blog is properly optimized with up-to-date content, you can expect it to generate traffic from related search terms.

In this constantly changing SEO world, these are the two secret ingredients you can rely on to taste success.

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