Things to Know Before Stepping Into The World Of Mobile Marketing

Things to know before stepping into the world of mobile marketing


Mobile marketing is touted as the next big thing in the field of online marketing. With the increase in popularity of smartphones, tablets and other wearable technology, mobile web is expected to become bigger than desktop usage.

Every marketer and advertiser would have understood by now that the future is in mobile marketing and would try every trick to utilize this increasingly burgeoning space. And in the rush to stay ahead in the business, many marketers are executing mobile campaigns that are poorly planned and bring out dismal results. So, before you venture into the world of mobile marketing, there are certain things you should know or else you might end up leaving an unfavourable impression with your customers. 

Understand Customers Mobile Habits

First and foremost it is very important to know the mobile habits of customers.  Did you know that these behaviour patterns if studied properly can have drastic impact on your business? For instance, it is found that 66% of mobile searchers usually visited the business, which is very beneficial if you have a local business with a physical location. And 48% of the mobile searchers visited the website, and 36% of them actually made a purchase from the website.

You should also be aware that the attention span of customers using mobiles is very limited. Most of the customers just wait 5 seconds for the page to load, before abandoning the site. And most of them are unlikely to visit your website again if it doesn’t work properly during their first visit.  So, you have research such customer mobile habits and find ways to covert mobile searchers into potential customers.

Start with Mobile Website

If you are planning to establish your presence in the mobile world, then you will certainly be on the crossroad of whether to design a responsive website or a native mobile app. It is a difficult choice to make, but it ultimately depends on the goal of your business. A responsive website is a cost-effective solution when compared to developing a mobile app altogether. It is accessible from almost any device. If your main purpose is to increase your brand visibility in the market, then a responsive website will help you do just. On the other hand, if you want to provide a mobile centric experience to your existing and loyal customers, then just a responsive website may fail to do so.

A responsive website is certainly isn’t a cure all solution. For a start it is a good choice, but it falls short in various aspects. For instance, it doesn’t give a unique experience like a mobile app, neither does it improve the speed. It also fails to incorporate smartphone features like camera or GPS, like the mobile app. So, ultimately the choice lies on the purpose. If you can afford it, then investing in both a responsive website and a customer-friendly mobile app will be beneficial.

Invest in Mobile Ads

If you are new to the field of mobile marketing, then starting off with mobile ads will be good idea. They are a great means to make your business visible to people on-the-go who constantly use their smartphones or tablets. While they browse through websites, in apps and video, your ads will appear on their mobile devices on their Google search results. This will be your medium to reach your most valuable customers, generate leads and also earn conversions.

For creating effective mobile ads, make sure you optimize your ads so that they are suitable for the majority of smartphones. Also consider the OS while creating mobile ads. For best results the ad format should be suitable for the OS. Keep yourself updated with the latest digital traffic trends and consumptions to know how it will affect your ads on mobiles.

To sum it up – making yourself accessible through mobile devices is beneficial for your business.  It will not boost your sales, but will also retain loyal customers as well as expand your reach. Having said that, there are a number of factors like intended purpose, available resources and target audience that need to be kept in mind before stepping into the world of mobile marketing.

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