Report Says 87% Brands are Now Opting for Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Services

Social Beat, digital marketing agency released digital marketing industry report 2016 in May and June 2016 with 376 Chief Marketing Officers and marketing heads of various companies.

According to the report, 87 per cent of brands are choosing digital marketing instead of television and print medium for customer engagement and brand promotion due to increased usage of internet.

“The report highlights the rise of digital marketing services, though brands continue to use television and print medium to have a 360 degree approach. About 87 per cent of brands surveyed, leverage digital marketing,” Social Beat Co-Founder, Vikas Chawla said.

“While brand awareness and lead generation seem to be the primary goals, digital marketing is increasingly being leveraged for customer engagement and customer service too,” he said.

Social Beat Co-Founder Suneil Chawla noted that about 10 per cent of brands surveyed spend more than Rs one crore annually on digital marketing and 50 percent of them spend over Rs six lakh annually.”

Overall 20 per cent brands plan to increase their digital marketing spends by 25 per cent in next financial year, he said.


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