Quality Content Still Matters in Content Marketing. Learn Why

Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort- John Ruskin

This quote by John Ruskin is also true for content. So what makes it worth the effort in content marketing?

Quality content is that which creates a unique and value adding experience for your audience. Since the boom of content marketing started about a decade ago, marketers are continuously putting out content on their website and various other platforms. 72% of marketers say that they are putting out more content than last year. Let us see why it is all the more crucial for a business to have quality content in this saturated market.

  • Quality Content is the way to SEO

Search engine optimization values the quality of content. Gone are the days when keyword stuffing could get you on the top. The algorithms are now well equipped to measure the quality of your content by various parameters like user times on a page, number of shares and back-links. As technology advances, search engines will get smarter at ranking based on quality.

In fact, SEO and quality content go hand in hand. Good quality content has optimal keywords, user engagement and shareability by default. There can be no hope of ranking higher on SERPs unless you have consistent and quality content.

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  • Content is the voice of your brand

Your content is a continuous touch-point with the customers. It might even be the first interaction they have with your brand. Content is hence a part of your image to the audience and poor content means poor image.

According to a survey by Global Lingo, 74% of clients are concerned about the quality of the write-ups on the websites. Out of these, 59% percent indicated that poor grammar would prevent them from working with such companies. This is because they wouldn’t trust the company anymore to provide good service and quality content.

And this is the reason why many content marketing agencies of both start ups and small businesses have a PR team on board.

  • Investment in Content Marketing without Quality is Futile

How many visitors would you get if your page ranks 22nd on the search engine results? All the investment in the website, promotion and content creation would go waste if the content is not up to the mark. Content marketing has no ROI without quality content.

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  • Users are knowledgeable

The content market is now saturated and ripe for segmentation. Content must address specific needs and interests of the users. This means that content now has to go deeper into a domain rather than wider across broad topics. The audience consuming content has more knowledge of the domain and will be put off by content that is low on quality.

The quality of your content matters due to all these reasons. It is better to put up three quality content in a week than bombard your audience with ten worthless write-ups.  If you can whip up a continuous stream of quality content, then your SEO, user engagement and content marketing strategy will also fall into place.



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