9 Successful Brands Which Make Use of Content Marketing Services

Content marketing is the method used by companies to create valuable and relevant content for attracting customer attention. More than 86% of businesses follow content marketing strategy to achieve success. Today we can see many Indian brands that make use of content marketing for being successful.

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Some Indian brands that successfully use content marketing servicesare as follows:

1. Zomato

Zomato is a restaurant search and discovery service. Some of their specialties are: they are having excellent creativity, know their audience well, understand well what make them use their service and thus turn on each of the customer’s foodie-self. They never follow the strict policy of posting every day in social media. Hence, customers eagerly wait for each of their posts. They are equally popular in social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Zomato shows how efficiently a brand can utilize multiple channels for content marketing. Their success mantra is producing an optimum number of content and thus promote them effectively on social networks.

2. Oreo India

Oreo India was able to grab the attention of the audience with the help of their content. They faced sufficient competition from their dominating brands like Parle, and Britannia. Hence, they started a brand awareness campaign titled DailyDunks whose brand ambassador was Bollywood Heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor. They have wide range of content ideas for different networks. Oreo India is equally active in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Their success mantra is producing engaging content which focuses on their product. Also they made a celebrity association through the offline content marketing.

3. Amul

One of the greatest plus points of Amul is that they actively take part in every social issue. They try to focus on the opinions of the mass regarding that particular issue. In each content, there is the presence of the Amul girl which indirectly reflects the idea that it is she who is conveying those contents from her perspective. It is this presence which makes Amul brand different from other brands. It is active on Facebook as well as Twitter. To create a rapport with the audience they usually conduct social media contests. Their success mantra is that they understood how to reach the hearts of mass.

4. Vogue India

Vogue have taken a completely different approach in India. In spite of having expertise in fashion as well as lifestyle, with VogueEmpower they take lead in addressing issues. It is an initiative aimed for women empowerment and prevention of violence against women. They make use of top Bollywood celebrities to create glamor as well as buzz to the efforts of their content marketing. Apart from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google Plus; YouTube plays a greater role in their content marketing. Their success mantra is celebrity brand endorsement and great storytelling capacity.

5. FlipKart

One of the best thing about Flipkart is that their videos are interesting, funny and highly engaging. With their sense of humor, creativity and art of messaging leaves a smile on the face of every type of audience. Mostly they make use of child actors for their advertisements. Their success mantras are great customer interaction, engaging content, good re-marketing strategy and compelling offers.

6. Shaadi.com

Shaadi.com will include some of the interesting and emotional aspect of wedding which makes it different from other matrimonial sites. Though they are active on Facebook and Twitter, their content marketing leader is always YouTube. The strategy that they use in social media is completely different from the strategies that they use in YouTube as well as TV. Their success mantra is the tapping of wide set of human emotions for marriage along with its humor and narrating power.

7. Imperial Blue

The success mantra of Imperial Blue is its use of fresh content. Imperial Blue is an Indian whisky brand and it got most of their popularity through its campaign titled “Men will be Men”.

8. OLX India

OLX India is a brand which became popular with the song ‘Womaniya’. Every content of this brand indicates its tagline “Where Buyers Meet Sellers!”. Also they create compelling content which motivate the audience to use their service. Some of their marketing include the use of star power like their involvement with famous TV comedy star Kapil Sharma. They are equally active in Facebook as well as Twitter. Their success mantra include star association, addressing issues of target audience and humor marketing.

9. Simplify 360

The strength of Simplify 360 is their infographics and they have clients from 25 reputed companies. Ice Bucket Challenge is a campaign organized by this particular brand. They are active on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook and YouTube. Their success mantra is their unique way of collecting, examining, breaking and submitting data.

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From all these brands, we are able to understand that creativity is the most desired quality for content marketing services. Content created should be brief and suitable to the audience. Celebrity brand endorsement, video marketing and humor marketing will be a successful strategy in content marketing services of various companies.

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