Creating Stunning Infographics Improve Brand Awareness. Learn How


Infographics are a great way to present your content visually.Research shows that our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text! In fact, 93% of all human communication is visual.

Infographics present your data and information in charts and flows with the help of interesting shapes and graphics. They convert your lengthy data into visually appealing and easily digestible bits. Capturing more of user’s attention naturally leads to a better visibility and recall value for your brand. These are the ways stunning infographics can improve your brand awareness:

  • Infographics are sharable

Visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared in social media compared to other types of content. A good infographic has logical content flow and is to the point. Once you have put together a visual content that conveys your compelling message in a focused and simple manner, it is bound to get shares in social media. More shares in social media naturally mean more visibility for your brand. Do not forget to take advantage of visual social media like Pinterest, Instagram, Vine etc.

  • Infographic is SEO friendly

Did you know that 55% of website visitors spend less than 15 seconds on a webpage? Infographics can not only increase the time visitors spent on your page but also the number visitors to your site. Articles with visuals get 94% more views. In short, infographics will increase number of visitors to your page, get you more shares and backlinks. Guess what this means? Higher ranking for your page in search engine results!

  • Visuals stay in mind

Information recall of a visual is 65% after three days compared to 10% for auditory information. This is the most important reason why infographics are great if you want to increase your brand awareness. The user will form an image of the brand based on her interaction with the content. A compelling infographic that gives relevant information will stay in the user’s mind for sure.

  • Easy to understand

Infographics are the best way to present complex concepts. You can explain multiple relations and correlations; lay down process flow or present variety at one glance. Presenting information in such simple manner displays your expertise in the subject and increases the likelihood of transactions.

  • Easily changeable and embedded

Infographics can be easily changed into different formats and dimensions to suit various platforms. They are also easily embedded and can be used to direct to your site in one click.

Infographics and video are hot trends for content presentation this year. To get the maximum brand awareness from them, do keep in mind these crucial points:

  • Drafting a compelling message is the first step to successful infographic. Your infographic must revolve around this central message in the focused manner.
  • A shabby graphic will do your brand more harm than good. Either invest in a good designer or stick to written content.
  • Source your data from reliable sources and credit the sources
  • Use your logo subtly. Using logo subtly but consistently will go a long way in building your brand.


They are one of the popular types of digital content used by digital marketing agencies around the world. Whether your business be B2C, B2B, or any other type, you can definitely include infographics in your content marketing campaigns.

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