Facebook Testing New Mid-Roll Video Ads

It has been predicted that Facebook News Feed would become “all video” in five years. Then Facebook likely needs more ads to make money off those videos.

According to recent reports, Facebook is testing new mid-roll video ads. The new ads will be displayed after a user has watched a video for 20 seconds. The new mid-roll ads will not appear unless the videos have duration of 90 seconds.

In order to encourage publishers to create compelling and longer videos, Facebook had offered 55 percent of ad sales to them. This is equivalent to the revenue split that YouTube offers.

As per the report by Marketing Land, the new mid-roll ads will be tagged as “In- Stream Videos”. Advertisers will be allowed to select categories of videos where they need their ads to appear.

According to marketing experts, mid- roll videos will be one of the trends in social media in 2017.


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