Search Engine Optimization

“a website without SEO is like a car with no gas”
― Paul Cookson

Search engines are where people search for answers about any topic and they get millions of results. But among those numerous results, people check only those websites that top the list. It is mainly because of the thought that only those sites at the top of the list can provide relevant answers to what was searched. Only those websites with higher ranks in the search engine results can generate web traffic and help your business to bloom, which is achieved through the powerful Internet marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO: The definition

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is generally known, is an Internet marketing technique used to make a website search engine friendly so that its visibility is increased in search engine results.

How search engines work?

Search engines are obviously quite different from humans in the way they look and analyze websites. Search engines do not care if a picture in a website looks good or if the sound and movements of a video are enjoyable. All search engines care about is the content, mainly the text while assessing a website. Search engines use different tools to see what a particular website is all about, though not on a regular basis. Then, the analyzed contents are sorted out on the basis of key words or the words that Internet users type in to search for a topic. Search engines try to match the information of the website with the key words entered every time a user searches something online and analyses the relevancy of the pages. The way in which the relevancy of the topics is measured is different for every search engine. That is the reason each search engine displays different results. Once the relevancy is checked, the results are displayed in the browser.

SEO Strategy

Here is a list of what SEO prefers to build website traffic:

  • Quality content
  • Keywords should be used but do not overuse them
  • Keywords in subheads, italics, bold are given more preference than those in plain text
  • Relevance of the content is important than word count
  • Keep track of popular keywords

How SEO benefits your business?

You may know that SEO techniques are adopted to increase web traffic and to encourage users to purchase your products or services. But there are more benefits to it that you may not know. Check the list below to find out:

Better website

SEO identifies keywords and helps you to rework your website thus making it user friendly. Improvement in user experience in turn increases the web traffic, benefitting you, be it long term or short term.

Find new customers

Using proper SEO techniques to optimize your website helps the search engines to match it efficiently with the searched topic, thus helping you to find the targeted customers.

Explore new markets

Using SEO techniques help you to find new opportunities to market you product, propelling your web site traffic to new heights.

Brand building

Popularity of your website after implementing the SEO techniques can help you in creating brand awareness thus persuading customers to buy your products.

Whom to consult for my SEO needs?

This question might have been lingering in your mind from the moment you decided to step into digital marketing. You may have searched for some good agencies that does SEO services but may not be sure of whom to choose.

Jointviews is one such team that not only provides SEO services, but digital marketing for your business as a whole.

Who we are?

Jointviews is the digital marketing wing of TechnoAlliance India Pvt. Ltd. Our team consists of Content Writers, Search Engine Optimizers (SEOs), Animators, Graphic Designers and Word Press developers who can address all your concerns related to digital marketing and help you achieve outstanding results within a short period.

Why choose us?

Here’s why you can choose us above all those companies that provide SEO services to you:

  • Apart from SEO, we provide all services related to digital marketing
  • Every member of team Jointviews has expertise in their areas of work
  • We are passionate about our work and are up-to-date about the new trends in digital marketing field
  • We blend our style with what we learn from the latest developments in digital marketing field to provide unique and outstanding results
  • Your satisfaction is what we look for and hence your suggestions are welcome at every phase of digital marketing work we do for you
  • We never fail to meet deadlines and your expectations
  • Our services are affordable and cost effective

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