Choosing Good Content: Criteria by Google

Choosing Good Content Criteria by Google


Google is a God among search engines. It is the most-used search engine world wide. Google handles more than three billion searches per day.

Having a website in the first page of Google is not at all easy. But what makes a page relevant enough to be placed at the top of search results? The answer is simple, it’s the CONTENT and how you promote it.

“Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom.” Lee Odden

Google has introduced numerous filtering procedures that reject low-quality content from search results. For increasing the traffic of a page, stuffing the keywords and building thousands of links were previous methods of content marketing.

New and fresh technologies are introduced by Google day by day which resulted in drastic changes. It was after the introduction of the new technology that search engine optimization has undergone radical development and these two methods of stuffing and building yields no results at all. Pages consisting of original and quality content gain the very best ranks in Google search results.

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The new technology made it possible for Google to exclude all those pages with low-quality write ups and no information. Users can easily get access to high-quality materials without wasting time on useless materials.  Few strategies help good content to stay in their position for a long time

 “Content is the reason search begun, in the first place.”  Lee Odden

Follow these steps to help your content retain its position:

Updating your content:

  • Update at least once a week
  • Quicker the content is updated, higher the chances of people visiting the page
  • Frequent updating keeps the page active and content can retain good position

Construction of content:

  • The content must be organized attractively
  • Spelling mistakes should as less as possible
  • Grammar errors are prohibited in good content
  • A good content have less than three spelling mistakes and four grammatical errors
  • Google uses check feature in Microsoft Word in order to check the grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in contents
  • Proper nouns, new words or words from other languages are not included in the list of probable errors
  • Short sentences always win the game: a good write-up has short but to the point sentences
  • A paragraph must contain only 3-4 sentences with each sentence consisting of 10-12 words
  • Bullet points can make things more clear and make a write-up interesting. People usually concentrate more on points to paragraphs

For the popularity of a page, good content is absolutely necessary. A writer’s skill plays an important part in deciding how Google views a web page. Gone are the days of stuffing keywords and link building. Now, quality speaks.

Quality content is the backbone of any website. Google’s algorithms have now evolved to detect duplicate content. They also take into consideration a lot of other factors such as user engagement, links, image optimization, page load time and other 200 plus factors.

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Tips for Creating Good Content:

  1. Original Content Always
  2. Create Strong Headlines
  3. Your Content Should be Actionable
  4. Provide Answers in the Content
  5. Always be Accurate about the Reports
  6. Be double sure about the source of information
  7. Content must be Thought-Provoking
  8. Communicate with the audience through the content by Adding Images and Video

Keep your sentences short and to the point

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