6 Reasons Why E-mails are Important for your Internet Marketing

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Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches- at scale-David Newman

Today, email marketing is the most preferred online marketing tool for a wide range of businesses. Marketing through e-mails is a strong way to connect with people. Also, it helps to build loyalty and trust in the business.

It is found that most people use the internet for checking email and not just for visiting social media sites. Hence email is a great medium for companies to market their product or service successfully.

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Following are six reasons emails are important for internet marketing:

  • Email is more effective than social media

Though social media is a great channel for interacting with the audience, email is a great medium for customer acquisition. It is possible to personalize an e-mail and thus grab the attention of target customers easily.

  • It is cost-effective and economical

Email marketing is comparatively easy, effective and economic. It helps business owners to reach a large number of audience without much expense. For small business owners, it can be a better choice than seeking the usual advertising media such as television, radio or direct mail.

US retailers consider email marketing as one of the most effective customer acquisition tactics. One of the greatest benefits of using e-mails is that it is possible to get follow-up information by clicking on the website.

  • It is personal and customizable

In email marketing services, it is possible to segment the audience and send message to each of them according to their preference. The send mail should have some value to the audience. Also, it is possible to address people individually by name, split the topic according to the type of audience and eventually send to their personal inbox.

Emails subject lines with recipients’ name has higher chances to get opened over the others. Email marketing helps to build relationships with expectation, leads, current customers and even the previous customers as it gives a chance to interact with them directly. Unlike other medium, emails can be made friendly and personable.

  • It is action oriented

People often respond to emails. They either reply, forward or simply click through the mail. E-mail can be used to increase traffic and thereby boost sales. Using e-mails, one can track the growth and progress of the business.

  • It is measurable

By using email marketing software, you can track who opened the email, which all links were clicked and how many people unsubscribed. With such data, you get an idea about how email campaigns are performing, how to make adjustments and improve effectiveness of such campaigns.

  • It is possible to check email using mobile devices

Today, people can easily check emails from their personal mobile devices. This is convenient for them as it allows checking email anywhere at anytime.

Social media platforms might be more popular. But there is no chance that e-mails will completely lose their prominence. Most people use their smart phones to access e-mails instead of using social media.

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E-mail marketing has more impact than social media marketing as it delivers marketing messages directly to a target customer’s inbox. Most of the business owners use email newsletters to keep suppliers, employees and stakeholders informed about important changes and development.

Thus we can conclude that email marketing is the most effective and easiest means of communicating with the masses.

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