348085 “Right to be forgotten” Requests Received by Google



Google has received 3, 48,085 requests for “Right to be forgotten”.

This “Right” allows a user to ask the search engine to remove results that are inaccurate or no longer relevant about them.

There was a ruling from European Court of Justice in May 2014 recognizing the “right to be forgotten”, which opened the door for Google users.

A report released by Google showed that most requests were sent from France.Google set up an online form for users to fill and ask for information to be excluded from search results especially for people in Europe.

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Google said that right-to-be-forgotten requests have targeted slightly more than 1.23 million Internet pages. And Google agreed to remove 42 per cent of them from online search results in Europe.

The report indicated that Google granted about 38 percent of the 43,101 requests submitted in the United Kingdom. 37 percent of the 33,106 requests are from Spain. 30 percent of the 26,186 requests made from Italy.


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